The Pleiadians: The Earth(Terra)

output_bqU4zdThe earth sphere, Terra, is in a state of great change. Historically, from a linear perspective, you have been told that you have been on your planet for X number of years. Your scientists think that you have been civilized for a short amount of time and evolved from ape to man.

That is completely incorrect. Highly formed Adamic man has been on your planet for eons. Your planet was seeded by extraterrestrials. It was an experiment initiated by the one we call First Cause whom you may refer to as God, Prime Creator, All That Is, whichever you are comfortable with. First Cause is the energy essence of creativity.

First Cause is in all things. Consciousness is within all things. First Cause’s primary journey now is to gather information and increase the potential of being. On a global scale, humanities are attempting to understand that your world is a direct result of your thoughts.

Your main challenge at this time [is] to learn how to handle thought manifestation and the manipulation of matter and existence. Once [it] is implanted within you that this is a core, basic idea, a universal law of being, you will be liberating yourselves from a restricted existence that has been boxing you in all these millions of years.

There have been those on your planet who have individually, or within small groupings, taken this information and utilized it and freed themselves from the tethers of three dimensional experience. But what is occurring on your planet and why all are restless is that the movement now is towards a universal knowing and understanding. As each of you learn to expand your own consciousness and allow information and experiences to enter into your reality, as you grow telepathically, you effect those around you, in your family, in your school systems, in your neighborhoods and then, of course, within your world. What will eventually happen is what you call critical mass, when a certain number of individuals achieve a certain state of knowing, others will instantly comprehend.

The times that lie ahead in the next ten to fifteen years are going to be quite interesting. You are going to see your reality turn upside down. You are going to see chaos, confusion. You are going to see a crack in the cultural paradigm structure that has been the reality of your world up until this time.

Historically speaking, your world has been defined most explicitly in the last five hundred to six hundred of your years by scientists and by learned intellectuals and you have not questioned this. The world seems solid. You seem solid. You all seem to live in the same world at the same time. Not so. It is not so at all.

You are moving into the fourth dimension of experience. The third dimensional experience is composed of thinking. The fourth dimensional experience is more involved with perceiving, utilizing the entire being.

You have been defined so precisely that you do not question who you are. You have accepted a thousand years of definition from those you consider authorities because they happen to speak louder or publish books or gather degrees. That is nonsense.

Always question what you hear, including what we are telling you.

Become your OWN authority. This is what Terra is moving towards each one discovering their own integrity, their own completeness of being, their own responsibility to themselves and to the world that they participate in.

You will discover how to become this authority by trusting yourselves and by questioning what you are told, particularly from your governments, school systems, television and newspapers. Read between the lines. It would do you a great amount of good.

Channel: Barbara Marciniak

From the Book: Bringers of the Dawn