HeavenLetters: Be the Love You So Want

heavenlettersGod said:

One of the hardest things in the world for you, My Dear Human Beings, Beloveds of My Heart, is to let go.

In Heaven, there is no need to let go because there is no holding on in the first place.

From when you were newly born to Earth, your little fists would grab and hold on to anything in your grasp. Ah, this is the physical world for you.

As you grew, your doll or your toy fire engine became possessions to you. In effect, they possessed you. It has not been easy for many or most of My Children to detach themselves from their possessions including their ideas, for attachment is to the past and yet even more than attachment to the past. A possession symbolizes something. Likely, a possession represents Love to you, and, yes, meaning.

Beyond objects, Beloveds, you attach to people. It is not easy for you to know the difference between attachment and Love. You are to Love, and, at the same time, to let go of attachment. Attachment is having to have or to own when the fact is that Love is letting go of owning.eraoflight.com

A need for control seems to accompany attachment. Now comes expectation, and now come demands. Now shoulds of one kind or another walk in because disappointments of one kind or another have hurt your feelings. Now, you are sure that the objects of your affections absolutely must change or they are unsatisfactory. This is how Freedom goes out the window.

I suppose We can say your dreams are shattered. As you see it, others are supposed to play the parts you have consciously or unconsciously assigned to them. Unless they meet your needs, you feel let down, for your needs may come down to being rescued from your own lacks.

It is not fun to be someone who has let you down. You, the one who feels let down as well as the one who lets you down, now both represent bad guys. Arguments begin. Two people at war can’t seem to make a truce. As soon as someone is saddled with filling your needs – he or she has failed you, for you have imposed an impossible task. No one is to rule another nor is anyone to be ruled. Others can’t succeed in making you happy no matter how much they may try, for your needs are yours to fill.eraoflight.com

If you were not attached, you would not carry hurt feelings as if they are your right. You aren’t holier than thou because your feelings get hurt. You hurt your own feelings. Disengage obligating anyone from feeling obligated. By desiring your fulfillment from another, you forbid yourself Joy and Kinship and True Love, dear foolish ones.

Reverse the trend of craving others to hand you your happiness and the idea that others are responsible for how you feel. You are responsible for how you feel. No one else is.

Because someone doesn’t solve something for you doesn’t mean you’re not loved. Dear Ones, you have to take others in your stride. Be sure to understand We are not talking about your being a victim. We are not talking about you or any other receiving abuse. We are talking about your demanding more than another can give. It is not true that all someone else has to do is to grant you even one wish. Beloveds, become free-wheeling companions of one another on Earth. Never are you meant to become adversaries. Hold no one in a vise. Let go of that which never was yours to hold. Correct yourself. Adjust yourself. Create harmony within yourself. Be good to yourself. Find your joy. Lavish Love on yourself and on others. Love and not hold back on Love. Agreed.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff