HeavenLetters: God’s Diamond

heavenlettersGod said:

Sometimes, you drag your feet, and you are not exactly a willing Partner with Me. Beneath your intellect, however, lies your Heart of Gold. Do not kid yourself. You hold My Heart in yours. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Even when you may be [Read more…] blindfolded, I know undeniably Who You are. There is too much you don’t see and don’t know. You brush off new ways of thinking as you would a piece of lint. Amazing, isn’t it, how you have the ability to fluff off awareness and delete your Self?

Think of My Heart as a Golden Sun. From the Light of My Rays, your Light shines. Of course, you are My Radiance. You are a Reflection of Me. And, in Truth, beyond that, nothing else exists but the One of Us.

I, Who created you, I ride with you. I, Who ride with you, am a Facet of you. You are My Diamond, and We, you and I, ride High.

If you have not yet already realized this, you certainly will. It is My Will that you will. You are My Will. I am in your DNA. I, the Creator, created you from the Throb of My Heart. You exist in the Beat of My Heart.

Where did you come from, and where are you going? You are coming and going, for I am at the Center of you. I am your Steering Wheel. Surely, you don’t imagine that somehow you created yourself, or that, if it had been possible for you to create yourself, you would have done a job equal to Mine or better! You have such chutzpah! You show the cheek of your ignorance — and your innocence. At least, you speak up. Now, also, have the cheek to listen, will you please? Listening holds great wealth, for you may learn something.

Would you forswear learning? Really? Would you really say that you know everything and close a door, even slam it shut?

At the same time, Dear Ones, hidden from your view and recollection, you do know Everything. All awareness is seared in your Soul. Human Being, as you are, you are a Master of Knowing, which knowing you may have put up on a shelf for another day. Your memory will restore itself overnight. One morning you will wake up to your True Knowledge — simple and forthright. You will wake up to the Bright Light you let go of. I gave you this knowledge. What I give you is yours. Some days, you would rather not receive. There are no two ways about it – not all days are your choice.eraoflight.com

Beloveds, to stay in a hut is not a terrible thing. Living in a hut takes less maintenance than a palace. You are freer with fewer obligations. When you reside in a Palace, it is perfectly acceptable to recognize that you do and take on the added responsibility. Whether you are King or pauper, every day may not be perceived as a picnic. Whether you approve or not approve, each day of Life is enlivening. Nor are you to take Life for granted.

Beloveds, Life is not to be fought against. You wouldn’t fight Life except that you have a biased picture as to what your Life should look like. Your biased picture is not good enough. You do merit great blessings. I tell you that you absolutely merit Great Blessings. No longer get stuck in old thinking.

Accompany Me, and see Life afresh along with Me. Open the Universe and know it is beautiful.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff