The Council: Expansion and Growth

council of mastersWe have recently told you that you are approaching another mile post in your lives. This will be personal, societal, and planetary. And many of you are reporting changes, openings, and growth that is happening within your own minds and bodies as this mile post approaches.

You, most of you, equate some of these changes, such as certain awakenings, with great spiritual progress. We would like to speak of this today, if we may. And we do say ‘if we may’ because you are quite within your rights to stop reading if you wish.

Now, we say that you equate these changes, new abilities, with spiritual progress. While this is not exactly in error, we would urge you to see it from another angle. What they actually are, are indicators that your frequency has produced changes that began in your etheric beings that are so strong and so persistent that your physical vehicles are being affected. And you should understand that they are to provide you with a greater ability to serve.

We will give you a visual that may illustrate a point that may seem rather negative, but is actually meant to urge you toward more responsible reactions. The visual is of a child that comes running into the room, happily exclaiming, “Wow! Look! I can bend spoons!” Now, this is not to make the child wrong. But we are asking you to treat your own progress much more maturely. Think of it as having been gifted a new tool box.

Realize also, that disuse or misuse of these tools will soon see them wither away. This is not punishment. This is just the function of nature. Does the same not happen with all of your abilities? What happens as a result of your never exercising?

We would also state that there would be absolutely nothing wrong with wondering, “I wonder what else I could do.” Go ahead. Amaze yourselves. If you see ways that you can help others, heal the world, or be an example, go for it. You have, as yet, no idea what you are capable of. Your future is not going to be filled with what you know of your past. In some ways, it will be filled with what you have not been allowed to know of your past.

So go ahead and think, “Wow! I can bend spoons!” But then go about the business of finding out what the purpose of your new skills might be. As we said, amaze yourselves.

We would like to also offer congratulations to those who are experiencing quite different kinds of change. As you go about your daily lives, if you are noticing yourselves reacting quite differently to circumstances, or that others are reacting quite differently, in a positive way, toward you, please understand that the changes in you that have brought this about are every bit as important as the things we were just speaking of. In many cases, they are even more

All of these things, you see, are changes to your consciousness, and those who are familiar with these messages will recognize that this is what we have always spoken of. You arrive. You change yourselves. Your changes change everything. And so, as we have also said recently, it is happening.


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» Source – Channel: Ronald Head