Ascension and the Infinite Universe

thebluerayAllthatis is comprised of several universes and sub universes – the cosmos/macrocosm.

The universe measures more than fifteen billion light-years across, which means that it would take a particle of light fifteen billion years to travel that distance.

Each universe comprises several galaxies – at least 200 billion by extrapolation. Our universe is about 13.6 billion years old. Our galaxy called the Milky Way is about 4.85 billion years old with the next closest being the Andromeda galaxy.

Each galaxy comprises another multitude of solar systems aka stars – at least 100 billion. Our solar system has 8 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune – all rotating at different velocities around their orbits and with respect to the Sun. The planets are maintained in place by the gravitational pull of the Sun; and if per chance their size or velocity of ration varied, they will become lose – fall off the Sun`s orbit into space and eventually hook on to any next compatible celestial system.

Alpha Centauri the next closest star to our planetary system is located at a distance of 4.5 light years away from the earth – signifying that if we were to travel at the speed of light (a speed corresponding to 108 million km/h) it would take us 4.5 years to get there. Taking into consideration that our present propulsion technology can go only as fast as 60,000 km/h, it would take us approximately 1,800 years to get there. Nevertheless, there exist higher intelligence/ET crafts that cover this distance in a twinkle of an eye. Prominent Star systems and mother ships of the Galactic Federation of Light presently participating in our ongoing ascension process include: Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Pleiades, Andromeda, Lyra, …/New Jerusalem, Rainbow, Phoenix, …

The earth (12,700 km diameter) is the third planet in our solar system and is located at a distance of 150 million km from the sun (1,390,000 km diameter) with a rotation speed of 1,670 km around its orbit and 10,800 km/h around the suns orbit completing one cycle in 365.25 days. The sun is about 109 times the earths size rotating at a speed of 90,000 km/h around the galactic center completing one cycle in 250 million years.

The moon (about ¼ the size of the earth) is situated at a distance of 385,000 km from the earth, rotates at a relatively slow speed of 16.7 km/h and completes one cycle of rotation in 27.3 days. The Moon is in synchronous rotation – it rotates about its axis in about the same time it takes to orbit the Earth. Saturn the sixth planet in our system habors 62 major moons – the leader in our solar system with her artificial Iapetus and Phoebe revolving counter clockwise with respect to Saturn.

The above preamble succinctly elucidates the fact that the universe spins in absolute coherence, balance and perfect synchronicity within/without. Every celestial body or rather everything in the universe is in a perpetual movement/vibration with respect to each other and in harmony with our infinite frequency/energy gestalt – generating endless cycles; otherwise they would end up in chaos or rather would collapse. It therefore goes without any doubts that our omnisciently created universe is very stable and harbors intelligent life forms within  the said plethora of universes/planets in the knowledge that creation could not be random or redundant – therefore we are not alone.

The changes presently taking place on the Earth are enhanced by changes taking place in the Cosmos; the immense streams of light/energy inundating the earth is phenomenal. Every celestial body in our Galaxy is in harmonic symphony, in support of what is happening on planet Earth as a result of their respective alignment. Planet Earth and all her kingdoms are in the process of acquiring a new paragon – magnificent phase lift; she is singing/dancing to a new tune – frequency.

For so long our Religions have attempted to exclude Science, and Science in turn has also been omitting the spiritual; and today by divine grace they are converging, joining full circle. They are merging as we move towards a new era allowing humanity to have a more complete perspective of ourselves, our world and beyond. They are beginning to align in a singular coherent flow of consciousness bringing us closer and closer to the Unity Timeline – we are using science to go beyond science so to speak.

Today Scientists are beginning to recognize that there is an intelligent design in the Cosmos, and religious leaders as well are beginning to acknowledge that we are not alone (re Vatican Scientists); paradoxically humanity will come closer to understanding ‘God’ through science than through religion.

CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) Scientists in Geneva on the 4th of July 2012 celebrated the Higgs-Boson breakthrough. Interestingly enough this discovery was termed aka crowned the God Particle. This is the driving force responsible for our Holographic Universe, the whole in every part, the underlining infinite universal force (spiritual energy), the substance/intelligence that keeps things in harmony in all of creation – Quantum Entanglement, the force behind Gravity & Co. Radio Scientists have called this element Ether – the space between space, the  principal component responsible for the propagation of Radio Waves/all ESP phenomena.

The Cosmos is shifting; the building blocks of the universe are expanding. We are discovering that the Laws of Physics we thought were written in stone, are shifting and expanding (Einstein postulated that nothing could go faster than the speed of light, but today Quantum Physics has proved the contrary as we xray/integrate aspects like quantum tunneling, string theory, holographic universe …).

The idea behind this script is to stimulate our minds, to tinkle our consciousness in order for us to appreciate/accommodate profound truths and realities about our origin/existence/place in the universe; and eventually to the realization that we are not alone.

We are in the throes of an immense shift as Planet Earth and all life forms or rather all the kingdoms upon her make their transition. A newly emerging unity consciousness (Oneness) based on loving compassion will finally bring about the peace, truth, joy and abundance we have all longed to express and enjoy.

The new age will occur both for our planet and for all of her inhabitants who consciously choose to participate. Embrace these changes and go with the flow, as a wonderful world awaits those who chose to make this journey. A new light is emerging as never before seen on Planet Earth. Be in joy for the great awakening of humanity is now fully upon us.

This transformation of man, the re-birthing of planet Earth is what Christian Scientists have described as the photon belt encounter (Christus) – the Second Coming of Christ; Christ here meaning a state of being/consciousness – the “Christ office”. Astronomers have often described this phenomenon as the imminent collision of our solar system by an electromagnetic cloud – CME from Alcyone; the alignment of our solar system to the Galactic center – Galactic Eclipse. This event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity (The photon belt is a  field of very high vibratory light/frequency which enhances the spiritual condition of a planet on entry).

This occasion is special in that we can progress very quickly with immense help from outside – the spiritual hierarchy/company of heaven (Angels, GFL, …); individuals have always ascended through sheer determination and working in the Light, but now the opportunity is being made known to as many souls as possible.


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