Bringing The Spiritual Powers Of The Virgo New Moon Into Grounding

dna activation eraoflightdotcomDear Friends,
in my last three posts I spoke about the influence this years Virgo New Moon, which was peaking on September 19th/20th, had on us and how the angelic realms are helping us understand the path we are riding right now. The intensive earthy energies the Moon was caring, were designed to help us reconnect with all the powers and blessings of mother earth. The strong water influence was there to help us shift and get into a better flow with life. The challenge is that a lot of water can also make the ground unstable and our energy field a bit flaky. So if you want to consciously ground the field received, or if it should happen that you get a little lost in the crowd, there are steps you can do to help yourself!

Here are some simple techniques helpful to get your spiritual energy into manifestation in your body. Practicing them regularly helps in case you feel like you got lost in the energies of the collective:
1.) Our breath allows us the feeling of being “The One”, within the “Oneness”.  As the veil between us all is crumbling more and more, and we are extending into recognizing ourselves again, it’s our breath that always can carry  us home. So put your hands on your body. You can embrace yourself or you put one hand on the belly and one on the chest. Give your arms some pressure, so you can really feel your physical body with every breath you take. Breath with an open mouth – deep into the belly, make sure you feel your feet on the ground, increase the pressure on your body if needed and repeat in you mind: With every breath I take, I am bringing my full awareness into my physical body

2.) A super effective, practical and always available tool to gain control over your energy body and bring in awareness for your self, is “humming”. Take some deep breath and start humming one note over and over again. Try not to make it a melody, just a note. It is not for the others, only for your recognition of your body – as sound. Try not to think about what the people might think of you! There is nothing embarrassing about it! It is easily done and  nobody will care. You can be as gentle and calm with this as you want, indeed the more internal the humming, the more intense the energy will flow. In case your are at a business meeting or in a too public space, try and make it to the next toilet!! Lock yourself in a cubicle and hum! Be patient and kind! Take your time and give yourself the luxury of listening to your inner music :-).

3.) If your are in a friendly surrounding and you feel free to seek the help of others, ask somebody for a hug! Be very clear in communicating your current need. Explain that you need to be held very tide and that you need to breath in their arms, until you feel your senses all coming back into your body. Make sure you are well understood and that there is no further desire or sexual tension involved (if there is any second agenda in the mind of your helper – this energy can have an even more irritating effect on you, in a moment of vulnerability and need. Make sure you choose wisely!!).

4.) In case you get lost in the middle of an outdoor concert, a big festival or anywhere else in nature, look around and scan your surrounding for hand size stones or bigger rocks. Rocks are a very tense manifestations of mother earth, which gives them the power to ground us. Pick up some heavy stones and hold them. Make sure your feet are both on the ground and your legs are strait. Breath deeply and concentrate on the weight in your hands. After some minutes you will feel the smoothing, grounding and centering effect they have.
You can also sit down, take two rocks of the size of your feet and step on them. At the same time put a big rock in your lap and allow yourself to feel its weight. Now concentrate on the rocks under your feet, start moving your feet a very little bit and feel the different parts on the surface of the rock. This brings your awareness to the ground and therefor your energy into the earth. The weight in your lap will work with you on this!

5.) All of the above mentioned techniques are much more effective, if you take your shoes of. The rougher the underground, the better! If you have the choice between soft grass and little, spiky rocks – choose the rocks! The very minimal pain will remind your brain that you are a physical being, and set your energy in motion to call all your senses back into body awareness. To make the impact more powerful, remind yourself that it is you challenging yourself! The feeling of “loosing yourself” often triggers the idea of being a victim in the situation. By reminding yourself of your co-creator role, you immediately delete the energetic impact of your thoughts, feelings and expressions of victim-hood,  from your karmic records!!

This is the very powerful “Invocation of the elements”, belonging to the Ascended Master Lemuel and his team of earth spirits. Read more about his divine powers in this post called “Introducing the Energy of Master Lemuel“.
Beloved beings in heaven, holy messengers of the divine realms,
send me the rays of truth and the divine protection on my way.

My beloved beings of the earth, you loving guardians of the world,
preserver of the sacred areas and the unspeakable treasures,
send me the refinement of my energies on the way.

Beloved beings of the waters, you powers of all water bodies,
bring me the chalice of flowing love and deep inner calm.

You mighty beings of the air, you riders of the four winds,
send me the sword of clear discrimination.
You loving beings of the fire, you powers of the sacred life energies,
send me the courage and the power,
to manifest the light of eternal life in this world.

You mighty forces of nature, you builder of all matter,
you sacred geometries of the elements,
please work with me.

Dear Ones, I hope this insides for grounding and the energy field of the Ascended Master Lemuel will support you in your attempt to create a deeper connection with the elemental forces within you, and  in the outside world. We need to be one with the earth as much as with the spiritual realms, in order to manifest the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth. Lets touch ground and collectively make a big leap right now!
Love and Earthly Beauty!!



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