Arcturian Council: Harmonizing with Timelines

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have begun to exercise your right to harmonize with any timeline that you want to be on. You have much more freedom now than you have ever had to find a timeline that suits you and that brings you the most joy. Being a part of a collective doesn’t mean that you are stuck on the same timeline with the same version of that collective forevermore. When you jump timelines as individuals, you then find yourself harmonizing with different versions of the human collective.

This gives you free will, and yet you still maintain your part in a version of the human collective. This is why you sometimes will have glitches in your memories, or you will remember something differently than someone who is quite close to you who experienced the exact same thing. But your memories will be different because you will have been on different timelines at the time of that event.

So how then should you exercise your right to harmonize with the best possible timeline? Well, a timeline where everyone is free and gets the respect and acknowledgement that they deserve is a timeline that is best for the individual as well. The needs of the individual and the needs of the many are the same.

You will never escape your interconnectedness with all other humans, no matter what timeline you find yourself on. And that serves you very well, because the more you see yourself as a collective, the higher you vibrate. And the higher you vibrate, the better the timeline is that you find yourself on, and it will be better for all, not just a few.

When you discover how to harmonize with that best possible timeline for everyone, you will also want to share with others how you did it. You will want to empower others because you will understand that by doing so you are empowering yourself.

You are taking the entire collective to the best possible timeline for all of humanity, and there is no better feeling than that. The way that you harmonize is by feeling for that reality, the reality where all humans are equal, respected, acknowledged, and free.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.


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2 Replies to “Arcturian Council: Harmonizing with Timelines”

  1. Star Goddess

    This post inspired me to write this. Happy day!
    Come All

    Come gather round,
    for the new day is dawning.
    The time where freedom
    sings from all corners of earth.

    Come fellow humans
    rejoice as people
    to taste the magic flavors
    of light to harmonize.

    Harmonize with the reality
    that all humans are equal,
    respected, acknowledged, and free.

    Where all humans vibrate love
    and eliminate old modalities
    like hate and separation and fear.

    To harmonize with reality
    aligning with our essences
    of love, light, and balance
    as we ride the wave of change.

    It’s the timeline for humanity
    to expand in consciousness
    to move inside grace,
    as collective beings inside dreams.

    Come gather round,
    and feel the energies of peace
    they have arrived.

  2. aishifu

    OMG Im so glad somebody explained the glitches in memories because lately I have been having memories that do not coincide with the other partys version of memories! When I had discussed it with a couple of friends they told me I must have dreamed about the whole things. Deep inside of me I was thinking Multi-universes of course but kept the notion to myself!