Goddess of Creation: Experience the New Earth

god selfThis channel begins with the Goddess asking you where you are. Are you living in the future waiting for something to happen? Are you stuck in the past? Are your thoughts or emotions holding you back? Taking time to really understand where you ‘are’ in life assists you with creating your reality. No matter what your experiences have been, you CAN create change.

Once in the All That Is, the Goddess of Creation then created a space where we could see what the vibration was like in 2010. As we looked at where we were vibrating at that time, it was dramatically different than where we are today. Even within the All That Is, there are levels of consciousness and dimensions. This was a way to understand how much we have shifted the energy since 2010.

She then took us to Arielles. This is what she calls the planet that we refer to as the New Earth. It is a planet separate from ours and the vibration is dramatically higher than our planet. I noticed this planet had 1 sun and 2 moons. I noticed that many species go there to experience earth like environment without all the 3rd dimensional experiences. Many of us have ascended into this space! We were all able to experience living in this way so that we can integrate back into our earthly reality.

With the equinox coming up September 22nd, we are completing a cycle and we can now move into integration of the new energies.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I welcome you to our time together!

Where are you living right now? You may say the city, the state, the country in which you live but my question to you as you are here focus and grounded in this now moment; are you living in the future? When I accomplish, you can fill in the blanks, then I’ll start doing whatever it is that you want to do. Are you living in the past holding on to the pain and the suffering and the frustration of things that didn’t work for you and the sadness or that frustration that may come up from that? Are you living in your head analyzing everything, controlling everything, trying to make everything work in a particular way?

Are you living in your heart? Are you doing so in such a way that you are heart is just wide open all the time as if you are bleeding out energy? In all of these various ways you have the potential to knock yourself off-balance and it is truly amazing how much your intrinsic energy is already working for you.

When you stop and think about things, you may notice and say, “Oh yes, I get that. Oh yes, I realize that. Oh, yes, that makes sense”. But in your everyday life you’re just living your life and all of these things may be going on in the background or some of them or one of them, and it could be that anchor that’s keeping you from really being able to fly free and really express yourself in this life and be the person that you are.

I invite you to understand the potential that no matter what you are doing, no matter how it may look to yourself or others, when you listen within your heart as you’re following that guidance, it’s the guidance that’s coming from your divinity, it’s coming from God and Goddess, it’s coming from your Angels and support system, you are therefore tuned in. Take a deep breath in, breathing in that alignment and that consciousness in this now moment while you’re still here anchored upon the earth.

You can feel how everything I mentioned at the beginning can shift into a new place. You can change your perspective in this way. For some of you, you may say, “Oh, okay, boy I see that now” and it won’t matter it still what your focus is.

But you do have the opportunity to create this change at any given moment and any given time. You do so through your intention, you do so through your awareness. The awareness of who you are, what you want in your life and then the awareness of being open to the flow and feeling how so much of that can come in for you.

Live fully connected and fully aligned, in the now moment. Be aware of your future. Be aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your past but live from your heart in this now moment.

I’m laughing a little in the background with Shelly; she is like, “Wow, what was that? A little like tutorial segment? (Goddess laughs a little)

I think it’s so important to look at life through laughter. You can laugh at yourself, you can laugh at situations and of course I’m speaking of laughter that is authentic or real not derogatory or hurtful to another, but the laughter that keeps you in that space that feels happy or that place where you don’t take yourself too seriously.

I invite you to take this moment and breathe down, going all the way down into the earth. As you breathe into the earth allow yourself to feel Gaia. You may also feel the elementals. You may feel yourself in that space that you have created within Gaia for anchoring. Open to whatever that may be.

As you feel yourself grounding allow that energy to flow back up within you. It comes first of all of within your heart center swirling around and then you send up. You allow it to move through your energy bodies. It goes out through the top of your head and you find yourself linking within the space of your higher self.

Feel the vibration of what that is.

The more comfortable you are with aligning with your higher self the more you can clear out things that may be happening in your everyday life.

Allow yourself to stream even further into the space of the soul plane. Within the soul plane your divinity resides. People may call this by another name. It is a dimension of consciousness through which your divinity resides and thereby communicates with you.

Look around and feel your divinity for what it is. You may feel as if you are absorbed within this energy.

As you allow yourself to do so feel that essence of who you are.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you so that I may reach out to embrace who you are; who you are as your human aspect, who you are as your divinity so that I may reflect back to you who you are.

Our energies move into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive within that space, look around at all that is here for you. As you feel what this is expand even further.

I invite you to come and gather around me and look outward at the All That Is. This is a place that we have worked within for many, many years. Just as within your higher self you clear out the old energy so that you may come in. We have been doing that within the All That Is. I’m going to put forth 2010. And as I say that year, I invite you to open your perception to what the All That Is was for all of you and anyone else who came into this space.

The vibration felt different, did it not? The area was somewhat more confined than what we use now, was it not? There were a lot more Angels and more structure within the setup at that time, was there not?

So join with me as you take a deep breath in and as you breathe out let us clear out this old energy that is staying around. We breathe in ~whew~ and as we breathe out we just send a wave of energy moving through the All That Is. You can see how it transforms and then almost as if you are all balloons you are shifting higher into a newer space. By consciously clearing in that way it was a means of assisting you with letting go of those old energies that may have been dragging you down.

Look around at what the All That Is has evolved into for each of you. I shall describe what I see. The energy is more transparent and it is less as if we are enclosed in a space and more as if we’re in a wide open space. Now, many of you have felt that it was a wide-open space all along, but there were those that felt like it was somewhat confined or contained is a better word.

So too there are the usual Angels and light beings that have always worked with you are here with you in this location, but look again. You may perceive that you align with them at a higher vibration than where you aligned with them in the past. This too is a reflection of the transformation.

As a result of all that clearing that has been done upon the earth, open to perceive that there are more star beings who come in to work with you, either one-on-one or during these sessions. Crystallia who spoke with you the last time we were together, that reflects the crystalline vibration of the omniverse, is much more present here than what she was at that time. In fact at that time she was not even communicating on a consistent basis with us.

Take a look around. As you do so I ask that you go inside of yourself and as if you are going into your heart or hearts ask if you can see yourself as your divinity standing in front of you. Now remove any glasses, remove any perception of what you think it should look like and take a deep breath in and allow yourself to feel, see, sense, know who you are in a more expanded state. Indeed, for some of you I can feel the tears and the emotion of that knowing but this is you. For some of you, you are recognizing this is the guide that has been around you your entire life and the others it’s as if you welcome a new alignment or someone new into your life.

Allow, allow, allow, allow.

Have the intention that there is a beam of light that goes from your human heart to your soul heart in which there is an impulse back and forth supporting you.

As this strengthens around you, look out, look around at the guides and the Angels who are here with you.

As you do so feel the transformation or the new beginning that is taking place.

As each one of you is open to this flow and can feel this vibration as it moves through you, allow yourself to relax. This is that place where you do not have to prove anything. You don’t have to do anything. You only need to BE yourself.

Here within the All That Is there are many pathways or alignments that will take you into a space that sometimes is referred to as the new earth. We have visited it a number of years in the past, but I wish to go there now with all of you.

Have that intention move through your consciousness that we will all shift on to the new earth and you’ll feel yourself moving into that space.

We have called this place Ariellis in the past.

The more common wordage of “the new earth” it’s just more understandable for people. As you feel yourself arriving there may be an aspect of you that is currently residing within this space and you can ask for that part to come and speak with you or it may be that a guide comes to be with you.

Most of you will find yourself moving into the equivalent to where you are right now. Some of you will have that sense of standing back and simply observing.

Look around first of all at the grass, the water, the trees, for they are still here. I invite you to feel the vibration or the energy. This vibration begins at the sixth dimension and moves upward from there. The majority of the people that lives here are the seventh through eighth dimension, therefore some of the Angels that work with you upon the earth will come here for renewal or for practice.

I always love humanity. I can hear someone in the background saying, “Oh yeah, this is like those science-fiction shows where you show us utopia and then we get enslaved and then we realize it was all false and that nothing is real and that this is imagination” and I feel you going down that pathway. If that is your reality, then that will be your experience. That may seem awkward to you but someone who is in that kind of a mindset is living in their mental body and they are living in a place of fear and what happens when you are in that space of fear: your vibration lowers.

As your vibration lowers you are no longer upon this earth and you go into a space of limbo for some and there are lesser vibrations that are out within the universe that may attempt to pick someone up. None of that will happen as a part of this experience because everyone here is within the flow of my energy, everyone is supported, everyone’s vibration is boosted so that you may see for yourself what this space is like.

As you look around pay attention to the light source. There is a sun and there are two moons. Energy creates light and most everything takes place through telepathy.

You have an intention of something that you wish to share with another individual and they can receive that now within the levels of consciousness and telepathy, those that are paired or in a family have different vibrations of telepathy than those that are going out through like a general circuitry. The reason I wish for you to enjoy this space is for you to feel what is like to be in a place that is without the third dimension. And just as I spoke to that individual that fell into fear you no longer can feel that within this space.

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions that will help you in your everyday life upon the earth. Feel free to allow your consciousness to flow in whatever direction it may go and allow yourself to experience these higher vibrations.

This will not ever fully integrate with the earth plane because it is incompatible with the third dimension and the earth plane will never fully give up the third dimension, but there are aspects of this space that as you align with it and have the intention of letting it flow back through you it will create another support system for you in your everyday reality.

Take a deep breath in and let all that is in your highest and best interest flow within you.

You may notice that more than just humans live upon this space. There are food sources but they tend to be more plant-based or liquid based. There are waterways and I hear some of you speaking about a desire to live here all the time.

There may be an aspect of you already living here and you can link to that consciousness if you so choose.

I invite you to take a step back and just take some time to look at this planet while it has many characteristics of the earth, it is not the earth.

This planet has worked with many other planets in their own Ascension process. Therefore, many of you come here maybe temporarily or for extended periods of times or maybe some of the people around you spend time here.

As you feel your own energy moving within this space and within you, recognize that you are creating an alignment that will allow you to return any time that you so choose.

I invite everyone to disconnect your consciousness from within this space and return with me into the All That Is. Just as the last time when you opened to feel love and the vibration as pure love being in that vibration of that earth has allowed each one of you to just clear out your systems and you now radiate a sparkling iridescent glow.

From this perspective, consider your life from that thought of living in the future, the present, the past, your mind, your emotions. Can you receive a greater clarity in this now moment? And as you begin to feel what that clarity is for you, open up.

There may be things going on in the background that you are as yet unaware of and that’s all good.

Allow, allow for the higher vibration to integrate into your everyday reality. Allow it to clear out for you those old energies. Allow it to show you opportunities that will assist you as you move forward.

So often things are happening in your life and you may even know there is a bigger reason for what’s going on but you feel that churning of frustration. So let this come in and assist you with clearing out whatever that may be so that you may be at peace.

As you look around at your life; what are some of the opportunities that have been there but you’ve missed? See if it still in your energy field. See if it is now the right timing for you.

Take a deep breath in and you breathe out.

There is so much available for you. More and more of the vibration that you just experienced tonight will flow within the reality of the earth plane. As it does so, people will see new opportunities. People will look for that which is available to them.

Consider a vibration of love that permeates throughout the world.

As we are here, coming up on the equinox, consider what the past year has been. There have been powerful transformations taking place both out here and upon the earth. Some of these things were like a boulder that began rolling and it was going to happen no matter what. You as humanity chose to gently work with these energies, shifting and easing in such a way that there was a softer more fluid transition that took place instead.

As we come up to this Equinox, this next year for you; well we shall just look at this next quarter year, is going to be more and more about integration. You’ve now ripped open the energies; you and we have cleared on a massive level, so now there’s a gentle integration of the higher vibrations that will be taking place. As more and more of that comes into your reality there will be those that are in resistance to that that will bang their hammers even louder.

Have the intention and remind yourself that you are not going to get caught up in that, Instead when you see fear, when you see people getting caught up in talking and that it’s just literally escalating in front of you take Archangel Michael’s sword ~whew~ cut through it, take a breath in and breathe out love. You saw with your own consciousness tonight, the power of love. You saw the beauty it created, the community, the communication, the comradery. Bring more and more of that into your reality upon the earth.

As people continue to integrate, it may be a perception of there are huge changes taking place; so changes coming in, integration. They both are two sides of the same. Allow for all of those energies to fully support you as they are present within you at all times.

Come back together as a group. As you do so, practice the telepathy with one another. As you look around the group there may be those souls that you already know; there may be those that you do not know. But reach out to one or the other and just send a greeting and you can feel the response. You can feel that flow that moves back and forth. Allow for it to be the expression of who you are.

See within the center of the group the hologram of the earth that comes up within you. As you do so you have that sense or you can feel the energies that have been transitioning over the last several days or months. Infuse your higher vibrational essence of yourself into the hologram. Infuse love. Infuse balance. Infuse the easier flow of communication and as all of that is contained within the hologram you let it go.

There is a pathway that it flows down there; there is a part that goes out to the universe and the remainder of it goes down into the earth. As this energy moves through the collective consciousness and into the earth itself, it anchors within the center aligning with the crystals, aligning with that vibration and that energy so that it then begins to expand outward.

It comes out through the many levels of the earth that are here. It moves up into each one of you anchoring yourself and integrating this higher vibration of yourself. So too, it moves through the waters, the grass, the trees, and there is a flow of energy that also clears out the matrix and clears out the collective consciousness so as to integrate more and more of this higher vibration. And you can feel it flow. There is a gentle flow and a gentle movement that moves through all.

You have that sense once more if you are not yet feeling fully grounded of sending your consciousness up to where it is in the All That Is and you gently pull it back. You allow it to flow through the soul plane, it comes down through your higher self and it comes back within you in your physical reality. As you breathe gently and easily, you are bringing more and more of that expanded consciousness into your physical reality. Just as you clear the energy from the All That Is, do so now.

If there’s anything that’s stuck waiting for something to happen, anything stuck in the past, anything in your thoughts or your emotions no matter what it may be ~whew~ clear it out, let it go and let the gentleness of your higher dimensions come into you at this now moment.

These higher dimensional vibrations are more and more prevalent upon the earth. The crystalline vibration is more prevalent upon the earth. The vibration of love, balance and acceptance is more prevalent upon the earth. The perception may be that all that old yucky energy is still here too and it is, but or however, this is your opportunity to choose where your focus is going to be and the more that individuals focus upon that of love and balance and divinity the less the focus will be on the lower vibrational energies.

Some may say this is the last stand of the lower vibrations. Some may say that this is a transition off the planet of lower vibrational energies. The reality is that your planet consists of many, many different energies, and star beings and all of you are shifting into a new paradigm that will allow for greater awareness of yourself, greater awareness of your divinity and greater awareness of how you interact with one another in life.

Know that the foundation for everything is love. Know that balance and intrinsic awareness within yourself comes from that love.

Beloved family, I am always with you and within you.



» Source – Channel: Shelly Dressel