Horus: Interesting 2019

horus eraoflightdotcomI am Horus once again, and I wish to let you know that this coming year in your world is going to be a very interesting change of events, and the way that you will find your life will be coming to the answers that you have been asking for. It will be the primary reason that you are in the state you are in now and the changes that will take place as the fullness of the truth spreads forth around the world.

Believing in yourselves and knowing that your inner truth is what will guide you through all of the changes is what you can rely on as long as you live in the moment of truth, joy and Love for all of humanity and all of Life.

The most powerful thing that you can bring forth is that of what your inner voice tells you in the Spirit of Love for all of life. Walk in that wondrous power as you move forth with your Love in action

Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


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  1. Doug James

    Horus thank you brother of the Light! We all want and need TRUTH! Regardless of how shocking and painful it all will be only when all know their true past and recent history can they see clearly. Full ET disclosure full disclosure on all events like 911 and all the wars and false flags..all of it. JFK murder all of it must see the Light now. No more fake deity no more fake news fake monetary system..