Archangel Michael: Enhancing Your Power To Manifest

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomBeloved masters, as you traverse the return path into the higher-dimensional realms of existence known as the River of Light/Life, or sometimes, the Rainbow Bridge of Cosmic Consciousness

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 5 2019

free media cannot be silenced eraoflightdotcomBelow is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research

James Gilliland: The Days to Come

the truth must be told eraoflightdotcomWe have spoken often about the waves of energy coming in which are increasing exponentially. The last wave peaked on the 16th of December and we are still feeling its effect. The next wave

Master Kuthumi: A Different Type of Kundalini

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomKuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi. Many possibilities are on the horizon that you will see become manifest within the next year. It is very exciting for we Masters and of course to the

Trump Notifies Russia Of US Military Moves To Mexican Border And Brazil After Captured American Spy Linked To Hillary Clinton

the independent media source eraoflightdotcomAn astonishing new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that within a few hours of President Trump being notified by President Putin earlier this morning that further

Mother Earth: Awakening the Light of the Earth

bright new earth eraoflightdotcomLove and gratitude, I express to you as co-creators of the reality we are all experiencing now. I am Mother Earth/ Gaia, I honour all that you are and all you are creating upon the Earth now. I wish to share

The Seven Most Lethal Chemicals In Cigarettes Are Also Found In Common Foods, Medicine And Vaccines

do you know what you put in your body eraoflightdotcomPeople are quick to judge smokers as folks who have completely given up on their health and wellness, knowing all the chemicals in their “stogies” are robbing their body of nutrients and filling their lungs

The Council: What Time Is It?

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe thought to begin our discussions for your new year that you have designated 2019 by having a little fun with the concept itself. Now you most likely have a mental picture of a year as being a

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Energies that Are Coming Your Way

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken every possible precaution to ensure that

The Higher Vibrational Frequency Journey And The Reset

power of the mind eraoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart