Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 5 2019

free media cannot be silenced eraoflightdotcomBelow is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Where we think we are as of Sat. Jan. 5:

A. The Plan was to restore the original Constitution and save the failing economy from the fiat US dollar through a revaluation into a gold/asset-backed US Note via a Global Currency Reset. As of Jan. 2019 the new Quantum Financial System that would make that happen was said to be fully operational, transparent and impenetrable.

B. RV/GCR: On Mon. Dec. 31 Fox News reported that Trump announced from the White House Situation Room, “Lots of people are going to be real happy this week,” while on Wed. Jan. 2 the President displayed a poster indicating that something was about to happen. HSBC reported the RV would be Fri. Jan. 4 or Sat. Jan. 5. Bruce said that an important call to Iraq got pushed back from Fri. Jan. 4 to Sat. Jan. 5. Bloomberg News indicated that the RV might go Sat. Jan. 5, or at least by next week.

C. IRS/Federal Reserve: In Dec. Q indicated that the IRS and Federal Reserve systems would be taken down by Jan. On Jan. 3 HR24 and HR25 Bills were introduced to Congress that would require an audit of the Federal Reserve System, abolish the IRS, repeal taxes and enact a national sales tax administered by the States. That flat tax system was said to be on new items only, while food and medicine would not be taxed.

D. Martial Law: Last Dec. the US Military announced that after Christmas it may be invoking a temporary Emergency Martial Law. At a Jan. 4 Press Conference Trump said: “I’m considering declaring a national emergency to fund the Wall.”

E. Military Tribunals: The US government closed down on Dec. 22, has yet to be revived, while several political elites including former US Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have gone missing. There were over 71,000 indictments filed in federal courts last year about to be unsealed and acted upon. At least two FEMA prison barges have arrived at GITMO in preparation for Military Tribunals scheduled to begin in Jan.

F. Stock Market has been muddling in the red since Oct. 1 during the worst year in a decade. A deliberate Market manipulation would jump the Market up and down as monies released during the Global Currency Reset acted as a cover to eliminate Cabal corporations, along with their old US fiat dollar system.

G. Rumored Schedule:

Jan. 3: On Jan. 3 even though at least 1/3 of Congress faced arrest and the government remained on shutdown with no end in sight, political elites still returned Washington, though to an expected exposure of election fraud that would nullify their 2016 and 2018 elections.

Jan. 4: HSBC reported the RV would be Fri. Jan. 4 or Sat. Jan. 5. An important call (from Washington) to Iraq got pushed back from Fri. Jan. 4 to Sat. Jan. 5. At a Jan. 4 Press Conference President Trump announced: “I’m considering declaring a national emergency to fund the Wall.”

Jan. 5: HSBC and Bloomberg News indicated that the RV might go Sat. Jan. 5, or by next week.

Late Jan: Tier 5 Joe Public would start in late Jan. Terrorist Alfonso Ulloa was organizing 15,000 plus Hondurans and thousands of Mexicans to force their way into the US illegally by Jan. 16 – another reason for Trump to declare Martial Law.

April-May 2019: New Elections to be held.

Trump Twitter:
Q Posts:

H. Jan. 4 2019 Trump Press Conference, CBSN (video):

On the 52 min. mark of this video of Trump Press Conference on Jan. 4, the banner says “I’m considering declaring a national emergency to fund wall.”

I. Jan. 4 2019 John F. Kennedy Jr. admits he is Q in this interview with Larry King 28 years ago (video):

J. Jan. 2 2018 7:43 pm Tilton Update Bloomberg Announced RV: PHILIP T UPDATE, 3 JAN

K. Jan. 3 2019 Federal Reserve Audit Bill HR 24 introduced by Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY):

To require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States, and for other purposes. House Oversight and Reform Committee.

L. Jan. 3 2019 HR25 Repeal Income Tax, Abolish IRS and enact national sales tax administered primarily by the States: HR25 was designed to promote freedom, fairness and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolish the IRS and enact a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

M. Jan. 4 2019 3:43 Bank Cartels (video), Fireswan: “Banks, Adapt or Die” by Fireswan – 1.4.19

N. Jan. 2 2019 Q+ Trump Tweets We are in Full Control (video): (Video) Q+ Trump Tweets Q Team Win “We are in Full Control” AAnon + Trump Tweets Future will prove Past, Goin by the book. More names to add to list: Soros, Kerry, WJ Clinton, Mueller, Hussein, Rothschild, Ratzinger, Podesta, Michelle Obama.

O. Jan. 4 2019 Children Who Die in Foster Care, Megan Fox:

P. Jan. 4 2019 Hondurans Planning Assault on US Border Jan. 16, Rumor Mills:

1. Communist Terrorist and Honduran Alfonso Ulloa was organizing 15,000 plus Hondurans and thousands of Mexicans to forcefully enter the United States illegally and “take-back what belongs to Hondurans” by Jan. 16.

2. Ulloa likens himself to the Revolutionary Communist Fidel Castro and sought asylum in Mexico following a bombing at a Chinese Restaurant in Belize that targeted U.S. soldiers in 1987. Alfonso was granted asylum as a “Freedom Fighter” and has lived in Mexico for the last 30 years.

3. “Mexico has granted permanent asylum in its embassy here to a man suspected of planting a bomb that exploded in a Chinese restaurant in August, slightly wounding six United States soldiers and a Honduran civilian.”

4. Recently Ulloa played a major role with his demands for U.S. tax payers to give each “migrant” $50,000 dollars each.

5. His plan was the same as the Mexican ‘Reconquista de Aztlan’ plan to take-back the entire southwest United States by force…..citing the Mexican / America War that ended in 1848, which this generation of Mexicans call an “illegal treaty” signed by the United States under the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

Q. Dec. 28 2018 Secret Benghazi Server (video): (Video) Secret Benghazi Server

Was Chris Stevens killed in the Benghazi massacre as a cover for someone stealing the Benghazi server? Do contents of this server have any connection to Hillary Clinton’s purged emails? Check out this Source.

R. Jan. 4 2019 UN Peace Keepers Caught Running Massive Pedophile Ring, Not One Person Jailed:

S. Martial Law Pending, Political Elites Indicted, Prison Barges at GITMO, Byington: Judy Byington — Martial Law Pending, Political Elites Indicted, Prison Barges at GITMO

T. Jan. 4 2019 Trump Notifies Russia Of US Military Moves To Mexican Border And Brazil After Captured American Spy Linked To Hillary Clinton, Sorcha Faal

1. Within a few hours of President Trump being notified by President Putin earlier this morning that further interrogation of captured American spy Paul Whelan revealed his being a Canadian citizen (where he was born), US citizen and British citizen (and is why the UK government requested access to him), and further investigations proving he is a “close associate” of British MI6 operative Christopher Steele (who admitted under oath that he was hired by Hillary Clinton to create the fake Trump-Russia collusion document she planned to use to contest her election loss against Trump), the Pentagon notified the MoD that it was preparing to make large scale troop movements to the US-Mexican border.

2. They were also sending a US military contingent to Brazil where President Jair Bolsonaro has offered Trump (whom he calls the most powerful man in the world) a base to host US troops—with both of these notifications being made under established “tension reducing” protocols established between the MoD and Pentagon that have been in place since February-2014 when the Russian Federationand United States entered into in a de facto war mode against each other.

3. Trump cryptically Tweeting out to the American people a single picture of himself over the words “The Wall Is Coming”.

4. On 13 December 2018, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) released in the Kremlin an “urgent action notice” warning that the war between President Trump and the American shadow government “Deep State” had taken a decidedly dangerous, and potentially deadly turn—and whose assessment of this fact was based on an article published that day in the pro-Trump publication The Federalist titled “DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them” which shockingly revealed that Special Counsel Robert Muller had illegally ordered the destruction of vital FBI messages proving the plot to overthrow Trump.

5. On 28 December 2018 the journalist who broke this story, named Bre Payton, was suddenly reported dead at a mere 26-years-old.

6. Under the joint investigation guidelines established early last year between the Kremlin and President Trump when Russia’s top 3 intelligence chiefs made their historic and unprecedented trip to Washington D.C., this report continues, upon the confirmation that Bre Payton had been assassinated, the Federal Security Service (FSB), a few hours later, on 28 December 2018, captured the American-British spy Paul Whelan—but whose public notification of this capture was withheld for 3 days, until 31 December 2018, a time needed by the MoD to flood the southern border with Ukraine with thousands of troops in a bid to stop a larger war from occurring.

7. A“Deep State” plot was being enacted over the past fortnight that called for President Trump to be assassinated, and whose killing would be blamed on Russia, and would cause a catastrophic nuclear war—but Trump, and forces loyal to him, quickly countered by killing one of the believed assassins—and Trump himself describing how he was protected during this crisis by “more guys with machine guns” than he had ever seen in his life.

8.Yesterday the Democrat Party retook control of the US House of Representatives—with their first act being the electing (by a bare majority) as Speaker of the House a woman named Nancy Pelosi, who has singlehandedly provided billions-of-dollars to kill tens-of-millions of unborn babies—but, nevertheless, demonically took her new oath of office surrounded by children—none of whom knew she had just approved more abortion money to kill their future brothers and sisters.

9. These Democrats quickly declared that Trump was Hitler and his supporters Nazis (a bizarre claim to make as these Democrats fully support Ukraine where thousands are marching in the streets to celebrate Nazis)—and led them, on their first day in power, to file impeachment charges against Trump to throw him out office for the make believe crime of “threatening, and then terminating” then-FBI Director James Comey in 2017.

10. With new Democrat Party Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, upon her swearing in yesterday, openly declaring about President Trump on the floor of the US House of Representatives “we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherfucker”, this report says, the American people got a glimpse of the full horror that awaits them in 2019—and that includes these Democrats, also yesterday, filing legislation to throw out their nation’s Electoral Collage system of presidential elections and take away the president’s power to pardon, with their then trying to block the head of Russia’s space agency from visiting his NASA counterparts in the US (a nonsensical move as the US buys all of its rocket engines from Russia), and their unveiling a radical leftist plan to take over control of every aspect of the American peoples’ lives, thoughts and livelihoods that reads like a 21st Century version of the communist manifesto

11. Trump had ordered US military forces to their southern Mexican border to begin erecting barriers, fences and walls to protect against what the leftist-socialist leader of Mexico is planning.

U. Trump’s attempted assassins today were rogue marine guard mercenaries working with alphabet soup agencies (FBI)

V. Dec. 28 2018 Mayor of Tijuana ordered by 1st District Federal Judge to keep silent on the Migrant Caravan and order police not to hand over any arrested illegal immigrants to federal authorities (video):

The Mayor of Tijuana received an order from the 1st District Federal Judge ordering him to keep silent about the Migrant Caravan and to issue orders to the Municipal Police of Tijuana to not hand any illegal immigrants that have been arrested over to the federal immigration authorities in the city.

W. Under Obama the US became the world’s mega hub for pedophilia (video):

X. Dec. 28 2018 Is Protective Services Trafficking Children?, Megan Kelly, Newsweek:


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