Martial Law Pending, Political Elites Indicted, Prison Barges at GITMO, Byington

freedom is truth seek yours eraoflightdotcomFormer US Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have gone missing, Trump closed down the government in Dec. and the US Military announced it would soon be invoking Martial Law; FEMA prison

Reporter Quits NBC Citing Network’s Support For Endless War

free media cannot be silenced eraoflightdotcomA journalist with NBC has resigned from the network with a statement which highlights the immense resistance that ostensibly liberal mass media outlets have to antiwar narratives, skepticism of US military

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self: Predictions Fulfilled

mike quinsey eraoflightdotcomWe can see the full potential that beckons but not the exact time certain events will take place. However, you are at last almost certain to soon see a number of predictions fulfilled, including the changes

January Sets Stage For Powerful 2019: Tips for January Energies

break free eraoflightdotcom.jpgWe’re entering a significant year of big changes across the planet. In fact, the first week of January is setting the stage for what’s coming. Having a high-energy month now will light the fire catalyzing

Trump Reveals Massive Response To Assassination Attempt, While At Same Time Declaring Wars Of “Sand & Death” Are Over For America

eraoflight alternative newsBarely 24-hours after the Foreign Intelligence Service reported that President Putin had warned President Trump about a potential assassination attempt, and whose believed assassin was killed during

Babaji: How Much Time Is Left?

babaji eraoflightdotcom.jpgThere’s no more time for you to choose! Make your choice today, because truly:

Life is timeless, and that which you perceive as

China Just Landed a Spacecraft on the Dark Side of the Moon

future science eraoflightdotcomIn a spectacular few days for solar system exploration – during which NASA whizzed the New Horizons spacecraft past the Kuiper Belt object 2009 MU69 (somewhat controversially nicknamed

The Council of Light: The Only True Power

turn to the light within eraoflightdotcomIt is a day for quiet rejoicing. All days are, but this one is glorious because most of the world feels it. New beginnings, fresh starts, renewed perspectives, feeling innocent and energetic, reconnecting with

A Gift From On High For Our United Mission In 2019

cloud love eraoflightdotcomLet’s cocreate a Glorious 2019 together! The explosion of Light that birthed the New Year through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love on New Year’s Day has catapulted this planet

19 Foods Proven To Lower Blood Pressure

healthy you healthy world eraoflightdotcom.jpg1. Chocolate

Many studies prove that cocoa products can lower blood pressure.  In a German meta-analysis of 10 randomized controlled

Legions of Light Warriors: Goddess Astrology Forecast for 2019

waves of light eraoflightdotcomI awoke this morning with a dream of Light Warriors moving like white blood corpuscles through the One Body of humanity clearing the collective shadow. My dream seemed confirmed by the year

Heavenletters: We are Solid God

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved Child, grant Me service to My heart’s content. From you, I receive great joy. No matter how beleaguered you may feel