Heavenletters: We are Solid God

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved Child, grant Me service to My heart’s content. From you, I receive great joy. No matter how beleaguered you may feel, Beloved, grant Me great joy for the asking, and I accept.

Beloved, I relish you. Keep rising up higher.

Be like a great Christmas eggnog you pour yourself, and you are agog! Thank you for bestowing upon Me, Beloved, the service I bestow upon you. I, God, feel your quantum leaps of love for Me. You fill My heart to bursting. Beloved, what are you if not My Greatness?

I, God, drink of your love for Me to the fullest. My love bursts through My heart to say to your bursting heart so that I know that your love for Me and the gifts I give to you do not go unnoticed, even as, yes, you are more awake sometimes than at other times.

Just the same, I, God, am besotted with your love overflowing that fills Me to the brim. You may not always be fully awake, yet never do you forget altogether your awareness of Me, for We, as One, hang out in the Universe. It is a done deal.

Together, as One, We dance a tango seamlessly. Ah, yes, I am One with you, and so are you One with Me. What is this wonderful attraction We have for Oneness wherever the One of Us stands in Holy Light?

Oneness doesn’t know separation. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness is not two. Rather One for all time. Separation does not exist and never did. Oneness is. Oneness is Eternal. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness is real. Oneness is not a stretch. Oneness is c at hand.

Not for one second can Oneness be apart. Accept the Truth of Oneness. There is nothing separate. Separation doesn’t exist. There is no twain. There is Oneness all wrapped up in One. Better to accept this as you accept your given name. You may not have asked for your given name, yet you accept it and claim it. You are bigger than life in the world, dear.

Despite what you may think, We are Solid Gold. You are none of this nonsense you may claim you are. You are on a straight path. You do not wander. You are full steam ahead.

The ocean you swim in isn’t dark. You are part of a Lighted Life Stream. You cannot miss. Oh, yes, you may seem offline, yet there is no break in Oneness, and so it is. Oh, yes, you can divert yourself, yet diversion does not win the day.

You may put on a costume. Costumes are only costumes. Costumes are made up. Costumes are costumes. Costumes cannot fool you, nor do they fool Me.

Oneness is the real thing. Coke is not the real thing. Oneness is. There is naught but Oneness. Right here in this One beating heart; this is Oneness, and Oneness is the Real Deal.

Anything else you think of is a diversion from Oneness. You cannot divert from Oneness, try as you may. And why would you try? Except you do.

Good grief, join hands and heart with Me. Let’s skip around on the stars. This is inevitable. We do not have many miles to go. Anything called distance is only a notion. You can forget about notions and remember Me, which is You as One Heart. Hop to it.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff