Archangel Michael: Ascension Update

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomYes, Dear Heart, I AM Arch Angel Michael and I am privileged to give you a report today at your request. Well, let’s not make it so much as a report (which sounds too formal), but an Update on what has

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Military Tribunals Begin

real news source eraoflightdotcomThe Bundy Ranch villain and traitor, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is going to join John McCain and George Bush Sr. and be executed for treason, Pentagon sources say. Like McCain

El Morya: You Have Forged A Path of ‘Solar Lights’

master el morya eraoflightdotcomGreetings dearest ones! I AM El Morya, Chohan of the Divine Will, your teacher and family. I come today to speak to thee about fortitude and about flexibility in this new age, in this new world that we

Federal Grand Jury Will Finally Hear Evidence Of A Controlled Demolition On 9/11

hey share what you know eraoflightdotcomThis year will mark the 19th anniversary of 9/11, a tragic event that will be remembered throughout history, and one that’s often considered responsible for the ‘waking up’ of millions of people

Yeshua: Christ Consciousness

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI live inside you! Not ‘personally’, but as liquid light of love. I am JESUS CHRIST, I am amongst you now!

This message speaks of activating the flow of the liquid light of love

January 2019 Energy Report

new earth eraoflightdotcomSo if you thought the new year is beginning with a big forward energy push and huge downloads for this very important new year, you’re right, it is. In fact, we have several things happening

Two Chinese Herbs for Cold and Flu Season

listen to your body now eraoflightdotcomIt’s cold and flu season again, and time to make sure your immune system is up to the task of protecting you.  One of the best ways to make sure your immune system is first rate is through the