Archangel Michael: Ascension Update

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomYes, Dear Heart, I AM Arch Angel Michael and I am privileged to give you a report today at your request. Well, let’s not make it so much as a report (which sounds too formal), but an Update on what has been going on lately.

Yes, I realize that many of your Lightworker friends are on my Team, Dear Heart. We all know each other well as you say. This is because we all took an oath to Mother & Father that we would assist any way we could to bring the Light back to Gaia. For some of us, this means literally battling the dark ones who wish to stay here where they have had it good for eons. However, they are not allowed to stay, per Mother & Father’s decree. It is past time for them to leave and we have to show many the door!

I realize that I have been depicted over the centuries as wearing armor and having a large sword which I use to slay enemies. Think of this image as a representation of my job or duties. I do not literally dress this way! (smiles). We use our Light and Love to do battle, to bring down the dark ones who cannot stand the light. No need for physical swords when most of these being aren’t in your 3D anyway. Swords or other physical weapons wouldn’t have an affect on them.

Thus, I do not consider myself war-like, but a Warrior of the Light! And, my Team is on this same wavelength. We go on many missions daily, at all times of the day and night. Many of you do work very hard during your dream time; and possibly while you are at work or school during the day. As you may or may not know, you are multi-dimensional beings. So, you can be in many places at once. This is just one of the many reasons you are all feeling exhausted, Dear Ones.

Another reason you are needing more rest (when you can get it) is because of all the energies being brought in or sent to Gaia at this time. Yes, specific energies are being sent to you from Mother God and your Galactic Families. They are all helping your bodies to upgrade, clear out, rise up and Ascend. This is the end goal!

This plan of Enlightenment of Gaia has been in progress for eons and you all have had a major part to play over countless lifetimes. It is indeed very complicated and intricate. Threads of various back-stories are inter-woven making the plot thick and juicy! It is a grand tale that will be told for eons after completion. You all wanted a first class ticket on this Love Train and you have the best seats in the house!! All Aboard!!! (smiles).

We are almost Home, dear hearts. Your journey has been long and fraught with danger but your dedication and love have carried you home. When all is complete, we will go Home together and have glorious Reunions and Celebrations!! Please know that we applaud your efforts as you all are grateful for our hard work also. None of us could do this without the others. We are a Family of Light!!

Yes, Dear Heart, I hear your questions but do not feel that it is appropriate at this time to go into further detail about our missions. They are not “top secret” per se, but they are on-going and My Team is currently working as I am communicating this to you.

I wish to commend those of you who can feel and intuit when you are working “on the other side”. If you do feel this and can allow yourselves to rest, please do so!! If you do not know what it feels like, I will ask this one to share what it feels like for her. She says she feels ‘bi-located’ sometimes or just plain exhausted. Like someone has drained out all of her energy. Or like she weights 500 pounds and can’t move. (OK, I think they get it! Smiles). As Mother God says Dear Hearts, please be gentle with yourselves when you feel like this. We realize you need to work but try to rest when you arrive at home. OK? We appreciate your efforts greatly!!

Your bodies are also being upgraded by the energies coming into Earth, so many of you are doing double duty! This is yet another reason we realize you are very tired and run down, Dear Hearts.

However, SOON it will be finished!!! SOON all the dark ones will be gone, your bodies will be bright and shiny and you will be Ascending to the 5th dimensional frequencies. I jest by using the word SOON as I know how you all feel about that! It’s just that we have no-time so we cannot relate to your linear time very well; and also, we are not prognosticators!

Only Mother & Father God know the Divine Timing of all events and we trust and have faith that they know much better than we do when these things should occur.

Brothers and Sisters, I am honored to speak with you today and I commend your Service!! Be of Joy! We have accomplished a great deal already and will “soon” celebrate! Love Everlasting to you All!! I AM Arch Angel Michael.


» Source » Channel: Dancing Dolphin


2 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Ascension Update”

    1. Era Of Light

      Oh my Dearest Archangel Michael thank you so very much for being there and here and how amazing and unbelievable to think the a**hole would look like Gary Coleman and Emanuel Lewis mixture he personifies as a adorable 20 year who no one would suspect and he has my child so out of her element. Thank you for knowing that You and the Angels are dealing with these Dark ones and l can focus on my daughter and (GOD give the strength and his will)to heal and do what is needed so she will have her soul back.Thank you to all for all your help and love.Michael I have to say with a smile that first I was very happy to see you at McDonalds the other night I just thought nothing more than you were there and my daughter and her boyfriend were there had nothing to do with each other after I left I remember telling you about who my daughters boyfriend was and you smiled and said words about the A**hole and doing Voodoo(I need a Voodoo Doctor for my Daughter ASAP) And I thought Michael is going to get the A**hole and then I told him my daughters boyfriend is Satan.Then the light bulb turned on in my head and I started giggling that Michael finally found the A**hole and I started laughing when my daughter was telling me that her boyfriend (TJ)and her were noticed Michael pacing back and forth and were scared.And Michael I would not ever knowingly make any compromising with Satan to live on earth and heaven believing that he is wants to marry my daughter because that way he can take over after he gets Kevin and I out of the way.I have asked him repeatedly to not talk to my daughter and he did obeys me and ignores me and hides behind my daughter.Please help her and keep her safe he has made her believe that we don’t want her you. Know what he does.Thank you Michael (Sands of Time)said that he would stand by me and asked me if I would stand by him when fighting the bad evil spirits(Ironmaiden-Angel not a bad angel she fights evil spirits)thank you again Archangel Michael for reminding me of if good fought evil with evil then what would be the purpose of good and evil then that would only make good evil.Love and light .I love you all even the naughty Angels.GOD BLESS