El Morya: You Have Forged A Path of ‘Solar Lights’

master el morya eraoflightdotcomGreetings dearest ones! I AM El Morya, Chohan of the Divine Will, your teacher and family. I come today to speak to thee about fortitude and about flexibility in this new age, in this new world that we are building together.

Yes, as you can feel, your reality has changed and you need to adjust and learn how to flow with this New You, that “You and you” have brought into this now, this constant present moment. Of course, the Mother had added some input and blessed you dearly with Her loving and motherly energy. Nevertheless, here you are, bright and shiny “New Yous,” free to make your choices as to how to live and conduct your lives on this planet, which is still in chaos and turmoil.

Fortitude in this new age doesn’t mean working hard against yourselves and others, it means having the wisdom to see and be flexible enough to adjust to those ever-changing demands of the New Yous!

The old memories are calling you back into places of low energy, and there are still family members and close friends that seem to be lost, walking through those low vibrational valleys. The temptation to behave in the old fashioned way is quite high; you want to pull up your sleeves and to immerse yourselves in those dense areas and do the work with them, but mostly for them. No! No! No! Stay where you are! Give it some time! Be patient and trust! Trust that they too will be able to open their hearts and minds further and follow your lead. You did the work, remember? The paths have been forged by you, for you walked them and opened them, creating shortcuts, and leaving a trail of lights – you can call them solar lights – that are glowing permanently, showing others what to do, giving them clues and directions on how to get to where you are in this moment.

You can and you are to shine your light on them, and shower them with your ever growing love from where you are in this moment – in a higher vibrational space – for that is more effective and truly of the highest service to all concerned. Your close and sweet family, and even friends, might want you to continue to contribute to their journey in the same ways as you did previously. But what they need to understand is that once you had raised your vibration, they too had graduated and moved onto their journey of self-awareness and self-empowerment.

They just need your gentle and loving communication regarding these truths, and a safe space where they are accepted and loved while they upgrade their intuition, their connection with their own hearts’ knowing. That is so that they take responsibility for their own journey! No judgments! No lecturing, dear hearts! No one wants to hear endless ‘how-to directions’ for everyone knows deep inside that they do have all the information within themselves. A few heart spoken words loaded with love and the appropriate activating energy, are much more effective than any long and complicated well-meaning speeches.

This is not only a direct way to reach someone, but it is also fun, for it gives their own mind the opportunity to place the puzzle pieces together, and therefore feel more and more empowered. By the same token, it leaves you with lots of energy so that you can focus on your own soul journey.

Keep yourselves ahead of the game, and in tune with what and where this New You is taking you. Talk less and smile more! Stop telling others what your thoughts are, instead sit in silence more with yourselves. Find that inspiration and next step in your own growth and evolution that makes your heart sing with joy!

There is no purpose in you accepting and feeling anything less than joy, and exhilarating loving energy for your life journey… if this is what you choose to have, and regardless of what is happening around you. This is the way we uplift everyone, not by doing their work, but by holding everyone in the highest vibration and showing them the way to do so for themselves.

There are exciting and bright times ahead dear ones! Choose carefully and wisely! Choose well and lovingly for yourselves and all others, but mostly for yourselves!

I will leave you now with my love and fortitude! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle