Babaji: How Much Time Is Left?

babaji eraoflightdotcom.jpgThere’s no more time for you to choose! Make your choice today, because truly:

Life is timeless, and that which you perceive as time only exists for as long as you are separated from your consciousness.


Past and future are concepts of the 3D-world. Here you can go through time and grow with time. Now that more and more people begin ascending into higher dimensions and levels, it is essential to forget time and focus life entirely on timelessness.

The NOW.

Anyone who has come to understand this will no longer waste any more time but use every moment as a unique gift, and will not postpone any more decisions but recognize the value of time and be present.

Your consciousness is the key for entering higher dimensions, and you can activate this key at any level. All it takes is the clear awareness of being eternal and everlasting consciousness – pure divine spirit.

A human being is God’s energy, created by the love of God – so that he can experience time, and in due time leave it behind.

I love you endlessly



» Source » Chanel: Jahn J Kassl