The Council: Message for your New Year

council of light eraoflightdotcomIt is appropriate for us to begin by expressing our appreciation of those who have followed our messages until now. Some of you have reservations about some of what we have shared, and yet you have a deep desire to find and remember the truth that you, as you will discover, carry deep within yourselves. Your discovery of this will ignite those desires within those around you. And the effects of this on your personal and collective worlds will astound you.

Often, in the course of your living through your day to day lives, you lose sight of the fact that you are creating the history that you will remember at later times. Never before has this been more true and prevalent than it is today. These are momentous days, dear friends, dear family.

We told you that in the last period that you label a year, your world would change dramatically. It has, and yet, immersed in its moments as you are, it is difficult for you to perceive it in that way. Added to that is the fact that much of what has happened, and continues to happen, is kept well out of sight.

In the coming months, prepare for much to emerge into the light. These things are not what we wish to discuss. But we do wish to discuss the way in which you might best deal with them.

Quite a large number of you have felt isolated until this point. In the sense that you are somewhat widely scattered about the world, this has indeed been the case. There has been enough contact with others, perhaps, for you to realize that you not really alone, but you are surrounded by those who really do not see the world as you do. If you have not begun to get some understanding of the reason for this, let us now tell you that you have placed yourselves exactly where you will be needed. And this time is what you were preparing for.

Now, do we mean that you have huge duties to perform, great movements to lead, or changes to make? No, we do not. But again, yes, we do.

Do not lose sight of the fact that you are vibrational beings immersed in a vibrational world. You may, in fact, choose to be involved in the ways we mentioned. But the placements of yourselves throughout the societies in which you are living is purposeful in other ways. Your knowing, your vibrations, your sanity will be very greatly effective in moderating the chaotic change that is beginning to occur. Just the being of the selves that you are, where you are, is the great purpose you chose to fulfill, whether you know it or you don’t. Your peace, your lack of fear, your various abilities will be needed this year. Let the year and the world rage around you. Others will feel your strength and calm.

You may be tempted to become alarmed at what you see. Certainly you will be shocked by some of what crawls into the light. But you are the ones that will be able to see that this is progress toward the light. Mankind needs to purge, never again to allow what has festered unseen beneath the surface.

This will be so. You have decided. You have decreed. So be it.

Now, all of that having been said, let us make a forecast for you. At the end of this cycle, you will be living in a world that you will able to perceive as being much more to your liking. You will be free of much that you did not even know you were struggling under.

We are projecting an image of a waterfowl moving upstream in one of your waterways. So calm to the eye. Paddling hard beneath the surface. This fits your situation. Underneath what you see, your are paddling hard. And there are vast numbers of others that are lifting you, as well. When you rise, all rise. Be in your knowing that this is the truth of your time.

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