Gun Battle Leaves Trump Assassin Dead After Russian Warning Heeded As “QAnon” Indictments Soar Over 70,000 And 9/11 Shock Reveal Nears Release

the independent media source eraoflightdotcomA jaw-dropping new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that information “obtained under interrogation” from accused American spy Paul Whelan revealing that he was a member of a rogue US Marine criminal organization was relayed directly from President Putin to President Trump—and upon whose receipt of saw Trump ordering all US Marines guarding him at the White House to be immediately removed—and shortly thereafter saw one of these US Marine guards being killed in a gun battle with US Secret Service agents at his Washington D.C. barracks—and whose killing of this believed to be Trump assassin comes at that the same the mysterious US military organization “QAnon” revealed that over 70,000 sealed indictments have now been issued for “Deep State” operatives—and in retaliation for this assassination attempt, now sees the equally mysterious Trump-loyal international hacking group “The Dark Overlord” threatening to release the most classified US government documents exposing the real truth behind the 11 September 2001 (9/11) attacks on the United States. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, after nearly two full in years in power, President Trump’s direct nationalist actions and polices have led to a United States that today now sees its unemployment at its lowest level since 1969, consumer confidence nearing its highest level since 2000, crime in their nation’s largest cities at its lowest level since 1990, petroleum exports exceeding imports for the first time ever (a remarkable milestone in America’s steady march toward independence from foreign oil that has kept it embroiled in needless wars), economic growth up, poverty down, and electric vehicle sales at an all-time high.

Being viewed by the elite globalist leaders in the European Union, however, this report notes, President Trump’s stunning nationalist achievements in America have been met with shock and despair—most notably due to Hungary’s President Viktor Orban taking Trump’s side and warning that illegal immigration will destroy Europe’s 2,000 year old culture—the British people becoming as anti-war as Trump is and asking questions about why hospitals are closing down, there are potholes in the roads, and why infrastructures are collapsing, yet their government always seem to have money for firing missiles at sovereign countries, and meddling in the affairs of other countries—and the French peoples tearing their nation apart, and nearing civil war, as they demand that their government institute Trump-like low tax policies.

With Trump-supporting nationalist populists in both America and Europe putting globalists on the run, and 2019 being the year most experts believe will deliver the coup de grâce (“stroke of grace” or “blow of mercy”) against these elites, this report continues, a bombshell showing how close this demise is exploded in the European Union this past week that was delivered by a shock report showing that barely 40% of the European peoples had any faith or trust left in their elite globalist leaders.

Knowing that President Trump’s astonishing nationalist polices actually work to restore a countries economic power, while at the same time lifting tens-of-millions out of poverty, this report details, the elite globalists have struck back hard against him in the only way they could—by their unleashing against Trump the most vile and sustained propaganda mainstream attack ever witnessed in modern history—and whose success of sees today the “Deep State” aligned US mainstream propaganda media joyfully predicting that Trump will not survive 2019 as “the downward trajectory of every aspect of his tenure indicates we are headed for a spectacular political crash-and-burn”.

As to who is actually going to “crash-and-burn” in 2019, though, be it either President Trump or his globalist elite enemies, this report points out, SVR analysts have concluded is far from being determined—most particularly due to Trump having created his own mysterious and secretive global intelligence organization to battle back against the “Deep State—one of whose parts of, called “Dark Overlord”, has today threatened to release US government classified documents that will “Top Snowden’s Finest Work” revealing the full truth about 9/11—but who are offering to redact the names of persons named in these over 18,000 documents before they release them if they are paid in Bitcoin’s, but whose risk in replying to this offer exposes plotters that may not be named in these documents, to exposing themselves out of fear they are—and thus proving, yet again, that there is absolutely nothing that Trump can’t make a profit on.

The greatest casualty, so far, in this deepening and deadly war between President Trump and his “Deep State” globalist enemies, this report concludes, are the very American institutions that undergird their nation—one of the most important being their once globally admired, trusted and respected mainstream media establishment, but who today have descended into Russia-mania madness—that sees the Wall Street Journal having to shred the “Deep State” aligned Washington Post for their “undermining the credibility of the press” because of the non-stop lies they tell about Trump and Russia—with even the “Deep State” aligned New York Times having their former Executive Editor Jill Abramson slam them, too, for their coverage she calls “unmistakably anti-Trump”—and that makes clear why President Trump is being portrayed by both the Washington Post and New York Times as something eerily close to the antichrist for his ordering American soldiers to come home from Syria—that truly is the world standing on its head as these “Deep State” mouthpieces claim that bringing US troops home to their families equals chaos—but to the Syrian people themselves is called “peace and security” as Christmas colors light their rich and diverse nation today for the first time in years.

While “Deep State” mouthpieces Washington Post and New York Times cry “chaos”, people thronged into the streets of Syria (above) to celebrate Christmas 2018.


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