Eclipse Corridor & Divine Trinity

full moon eraoflightdotcomEclipse Corridor

We are in a very pivotal time as we move through this eclipse corridor, which opened with the Solar Eclipse on the 5th. The incoming energies are intense and triggering the release of old, heavy emotions. Until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 20th we are moving through a powerful purification process. Old pain and trauma is surfacing for one more final clearing making room for further healing, expansion and growth. As a result, everything is being accelerated and we are moving forward at warp speed.

Everything is coming together, and it is important that you stay hopeful about the future. The energetic environment is shifting and while you may not understand exactly where you are going know that a new and radiant pathway is opening for you. So much is changing. Trust that you are opening to new potential. Remember to surrender into the process, feel your emotions and flow with the energetic currents.

Divine Trinity

Every year from the 11th of November to the 11th of January we move through a period called the Divine Trinity. In numerology 11 is a master number which represents intuition, inspiration, illumination and enlightenment. The 11:11 energetic code is the seed of creation which unfolds via the elemental forces of fire, water, earth and air. These forces are what create solar systems, galaxies and universes and they exist within us as our spirit, our heart, our body and our mind. In the past three months this code has rippled through our consciousness gifting us with profound opportunities to awaken, heal, grow and evolve.

As we come to the close of this Divine Trinity the energetic environment is intensifying. Recognise that all you are feeling and all that you are going through is a part of a deeply healing process. It is time to break free from the past and move towards a new landscape. Do not allow yourself to get caught in the drama of old emotions, pain or trauma. Take time to be gentle and kind with yourself and others. Make it a priority to spend some time in nature which will help and support you in processing and integrating the incoming energies.

Much love


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