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meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomGreetings Everyone! Kejraj here.

This is a short response here to a few comments on this article » Earth: The New Member of the Galactic Community

In the past I have mentioned that in between all the smaller waves from 2012 all the way to 2030 there will be THREE major waves that will stand out.  Each one giving Earth and humanity a push DEEPER into the 5D reality.

Obviously we have yet to experience the first major one.

Each soul has a different point of view of this entire process. It is my understanding that the first wave or THE EVENT has been delayed over and over, for many reasons, and that one was supposed to occur in the Fall of 2017.

However, the first wave or the Event must occur in order for humanity to ‘snap out of it’. In order for REAL change to begin.

As of this moment the Event is expected to unfold prior 2021. That will be the year when we may begin to see Earth’s physical body change drastically.

Tune in to the light within you. Kejraj!


7 Replies to “Response To A Few Comments”

  1. Cheri Lawrence

    I think it is conjecture at this point as we all feel the changes and interpret the meaning. These electromagnetic waves are hitting the earth as we speak raising the frequencies available for us to translate and integrate the wisdom. I believe the event to be the total disintegration of the old matrix program that has been playing itself out through our 3d brainwaves. As the electromagnetic frequencies rise the old programming will finally be overridden (as the electromagnetisphere of the earth changes) and we will be able to immerse ourselves into the 5th dimensional timelines or 5d reality programming. For me this happens this year as my planetary clearing work is finally done. We are all having increased dreaming right now (mostly nightmares clearing the subconscious programming of the old grid) as we step into full lucid dreaming of the 5d reality. I am just getting this knowing of quantum immersion, it is an exciting year of acceleration for us all!

  2. Doug James

    Per Cobra PFC, plasma toplet bombs that if detonated wld create a black hole.of earth and solar system, must be all removed before galactics can trigger Event.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Doug!

      This is the one claim from Cobra that I do not resonate with. Do you mean to tell me that those that have invented and placed these ‘toplet bombs’ have out thought the entire Galactic Confederation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy that the benevolent ones are unable to find a way to disable or dissolve these weapons? Inconceivable.

      1. Doug James

        I have the same thoughts as you. They do have the tech to remove he said and one would think that by now they are gone. He hasnt mentioned in quite some time though. I often wonder is it worth being awake? The more I know and realize the more impatient and yes pissed off I get thinking we have been cattle for 350k yrs of moreiving 100s of lifetimes and karma BS for what? Nothing! We are still 3D the ultimate fish bowl! How did source learn anything from that? 350,000 years of misery and no growth that is very inefficient to me.
        I think all of us just want to see 1 tangible action that shows us all, yes it is happening and we can go into ascension mode..quit my 3d job, prepare etc.. I hear months away then this Mike Quinsey say 2030? You have to be kidding me! Sure u feel the same..end this already!

        1. J

          Nobody knows lol the impulse to be awake was too easy coz its truth and something seemed attainable, but look where we are. Wtfff