The Divine Mother: Turn To The Mother For Assistance

divine mother eraoflightdotcomGreetings my dear angels in form! Greetings my sweet Annas! This is the Mother, this is the Divine Mother, and yes, you can call me by many names, you can call me Universal Mother Mary, you can simply call me Mother, for I am your mother and I am always with thee. And how can I not be? When does a mother ever let go of her children? Never! This is truly impossible, for you are part of me and I am in all of you, in each and every one of you, regardless of the gender that you decided to take in this actual physical form.

And it really is in your divine plan that you uniquely decided to express my essence and my love, and share it, not only with this entire world and way beyond, but also with me. For you see, I get to feel and live this wonderful life in form with good and bad, with highs and lows, through you as well.

And this is why it is inconceivable for me to see you crying in pain thinking that I do not hear you, or that I do not truly feel your pain, or understand thee when you go through your worst nightmares. It is even worse to see you not turning to me and asking for assistance, while you are trying desperately to navigate the current chaos and to resolve ancient problems, or core issues that are deeply ingrained in your cells, all by yourselves, as if you have to prove something to me, or to anyone out there for that matter.

Dear beautiful and brave hearts, dear children of my soul, this is not what I have ever asked of thee: to immerse yourselves in the chaos and do it all alone! You are not to save the entire world, or even the few, all alone. Turn to each other, turn to your beautiful soul and loving communities that I have created, that we have gathered together, so that you can lean on each other and assist one another in the most loving ways possible. But mostly, I am saying to you “turn to me” when you are feeling hurt or when you are becoming somehow unsure or confused by the rapid turns and twists of your journey.

Take the time to sit with me, to sit on my lap and let me give you the reassurance and the energy that you need; let me bring to you more clarity and insight. Allow me to bring and enfold thee in the deepest peace there is, and therefore assist you in shifting your perspective, balancing your bodies and your chakras, and rearranging your position to the highest vibration that you need in the moment.

There is no problem, there are no issues – call them nuisances or core issues, it doesn’t really matter – to which you do not have the solutions. And sweet ones, I am here with you to assist and uplift you so that you can easily discover it or, better said, to access it for your dear selves. I am not doing it for you, I am doing it with you!

Be patient with your sweet selves! Be trusting and kind! Be loving! And come home often, for I am waiting with open arms and open heart!

Stay with my love and stay in peace!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle