Super Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, January 20/21st, 2019; Unfathomable Change

gateway of light eraoflightdotcom.jpgUnfathomable and Far reaching, this Super Blood Moon, Full Lunar Eclipse garnishes us with bewildering Shifts in consciousness. January 21st, 2019 at 1:16am AST. For some of you this will be on January 20th.

Opulent Light Frequencies ~ Activate that which many have felt dormant within your subconscious mind.

Therein is the beauty, as treasure boxes of infinite Glory, open anew.

So much to take in and integrate. As  life plans, unfold, in their majestic timing.

This Full Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse is in the first degree of Leo. This impact is like a Full Moon, on Steroids. Your personal life, your emotions, your relationships, your home and family, are all likely areas where this impact will be felt. This is a cosmic RESET and the opportunity to release, from your subconscious all memories connected to a 3D past, that are no longer desired.

This then, opens the floodgates of awareness in ALL areas impacted within you. The Light rushes in ~ you AWAKEN more. There are no limits to the possibilities, that once were dormant within you.

Do not under-estimate the powers that be. And the magical monumental Lunar Eclipse, this is.

With the Moon square Uranus and Mercury square Uranus.  Our eyes, suddenly opened WIDE ~ to all possibilities ~ as we experience this RESET and are cleared for new potentials and miracles.

This blotting out of the Moon, in this Full Lunar Eclipse, we live through an unfathomable Deep Reset. Playing out in consciousness till July 2019.

We change, we are Reset. 

We are Initiated. 

We experience death and rebirth of our consciousness. 

We are Reborn. 

We are in the 5th Dimension. 

We are the embodiment of The Conscious 5th Dimensional Being. 

We are Love. 

In love, forevermore, L’Aura


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