Mary Magdalene: The Inner Journey

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcomDear friends, I am Mary speaking. I greet you all, and I am glad to see you here.

Know that we love you, and know there are spiritual guides around you who are like old friends. From our point of view, you are just the blink of an eye away. But for you, the spiritual world seems so far away and is the reason you often doubt yourself and hesitate to believe in the voice of your intuition.

In your everyday life, you become absorbed with the activities of the day, and the people and situations that draw your attention. And so you waver, because you continually observe the world through your senses: your eyes, ears, and nose. Sensory impressions can deprive you of the vision of your inner reality, your inner dimension. Furthermore, you have been trained to think far too much, to gather and organize information from your environment with your mind, and from there to respond to the world. But the dimension of the spiritual world, which, in fact, runs through you and of which you are also part, is literally very close when you know how to enter into it.

In fact, entering into the inner world is about stepping back from the outer world and becoming fully anchored in your body and feelings. Your intuition and your body are two of the ways, two bridges as it were, which enable you to turn inward. If you consciously enter into your body, it provides a way to come closer to what is spiritual within you. You then, literally, let go of the outer world, that world of the senses, the world of crowds and noise around you, and you become aware once again of you!

Connecting with your body increases your awareness, so do it now. Descend with your awareness from your head, along your back and your legs, and down into the Earth. Be completely present and aware of just yourself, and let go of everything else. Feel the living presence inside your body and take a deep breath from your abdomen. Then we will make an inner journey that brings you closer to the spiritual.

Imagine you are in a forest. You walk there with a child on each hand. To your left is a girl, and on your right is a boy. You are walking through the woods and you feel there is somewhere you have to be, a certain urgency in you to go on a search. You have the feeling that the forest itself gives you clues, so you look for paths or open spaces to lead you on the way, although you are not sure to where that is. But you have the feeling that there issomething that needs completion.

The children who stand on either side of you are somewhat unwilling to go along on your search. Bend toward them for a moment to try to understand what they are expressing. To your left is a girl who is afraid. She is reluctant to being taken on all these unknown paths. She grabs your hand and clings to it and asks you to stay here where it is safe for her. She begs to remain here and wants us to live in this place where we now are. She says that we know what we now have, and that it is good here. The girl represents the fear in you.

The forest is okay, in fact it is a beautiful forest, but you still feel something is missing. You know there is a place, a country, if you wish, where you know you will better fit in, where your nature can more manifest itself and the environment is more life-giving. Therefore, you feel conflicted within yourself by this fear, because you know you are on an inner journey to that new country.

You then look at the little boy on your right. He stands there with a furrowed brow and looks angry, and says: “Don’t even think of going there. I don’t trust it.” The little boy is alert to dangers and thinks you are unreliable and foolish to actually pursue something of which you do not know the outcome. He wants to hold you back, and emphatically tells you to stay here.

Notice your attitude toward these two children. Do you find them burdensome or irritating, or do you feel that you should help them, anyway, because they belong with you? You cannot actually enter into the new country you are seeking without taking these two children with you, because you cannot get there by yourself. Strangely enough, you have need of these children to find that land.

So you sit down and look directly at the children. You first look at the girl and you can see the fear in her eyes as she says: “I’m afraid of the unknown in the forest, the darkness, the wild animals. I actually don’t dare to leave here. I don’t know in what I should trust. I feel no guidance, no direction.” Look deep into her eyes and tell her: “I am your direction and your guide. Trust me.” See if you can transfer that positive feeling to her so she will soften somewhat. Watch her body language and then ask her what she needs from you in order to trust you. Give her that confidence and set her mind at ease. Tell her she can always come to you for advice, and that you will protect her and that you love her unconditionally. See how a glimmer of enthusiasm and new confidence shows up in that girl. Now her hand lies quietly in yours.

Now turn to the boy. The boy is angry, and because of his reasons, he is deeply upset. The boy represents the armor you have built up, the resistance against trusting in life. The boy says: “I am not going to allow any more damage to us. I will protect you against that, so you must listen to what I tell you. I want to protect you against more injuries, against more pain. You have had enough pain in your life. I will watch over and defend you. Let’s stay here and not continue to search any farther. It is safe here, and you can build a secure place here, or find a cave where we can hide.”

You feel a certain sadness in your heart for this boy because he means well. He wants to help you to alleviate your pain and to avoid any recurrence of hurt. But what he is actually doing is keeping you from any new happiness, from a deep connection and openness to life. The boy represents your resistance against life, and your defensiveness. See if you can reach out to him and connect with him through your eyes or in some other way. Tell him that you understand why he is so angry. It has never been made clear to him why he has had to go through certain traumas in his life, and why those things came on his path. He is responding to pain in himself he does not understand.

In you is a knowing, a feeling that this pain has had a reason, that it was a part of your path. This is a knowledge that is not necessary to convey in words, but purely as feeling. Try to convey that knowledge to the boy through a look in your eyes, or by your countenance. It is the feeling that you are on a very long journey and that everything is a piece of the puzzle; that we should continue to trust in the flow of life, that it will bring new things, and that old pain will wash away if we stay open.

See if the muscles in the boy’s body begin to relax a bit when you put your hand on his shoulder. Perhaps you can feel that a great sadness lives in this little boy. A sorrow for what once was and has now been lost. And then tell the boy: “We need you. I, and the girl next to me, need you. Your life force, your passion, is needed in order to accomplish our journey. Therefore, dare to let the passion flow again; dare to enter into the new, for your courage and your commitment are essential for this journey.” Then the three of you go together, and the children transform and are as children ought to be, cheerful and high-spirited, and full of adventure. They do not concern themselves about the day after tomorrow and about what is to come – they trust in the present. And you now allow yourself to be led by the children, and you let them be free to play.

At some point, you come across an opening in the forest where a new landscape begins. It seems like the plants and the trees and the animals have more radiance. The scenery seems to invite you and to welcome you, so you enter into this green country. You feel a lightness and ease descend upon you, and you cross the boundary between that old forest and the new country. And the children are dancing about at your side and run into the new land.

You feel at Home here – you feel free. Your footsteps are light and you breathe in an energy that is not of this world. You feel the merging of this spiritual place with the earthly; they are not divorced from one another. There is a place on Earth for you, figuratively and literally, a physical place that is also a spiritual place, where you can experience the spiritual and the earthly united.

Run around there for awhile, or sit down, or lie down on the grass. Feel the sun on your skin and the life around you: the birds, the insects, the animals, the flowers – everything lives in the now. The children play and dance about, and when the time is right you ask them to come to you. When they are sitting with you, you ask the girl for the first time: “What is now important for me in my life on Earth? Give me a message or a feeling. What is important for me now?” Let the girl tell you with a glance, or a word, or a gesture. Also feel how she encourages you, how she has now become somewhat of a guide for you, while before it was the other way around.

Then turn to the boy and allow him to tell you what he considers important for you. Is there something you can do for yourself, something that supports you? Ask him what is important according to him. Then thank the children and let them play again. Come back to yourself quietly, into the present, and know you can always make this inner journey through retreating from daily life and from what so occupies you that it causes you to lose connection with yourself.

When something in you feels uncomfortable, it will be because there are children around you who want to resist, who tell you that you need not change anything, that you need to keep working away and adjust to the situation. Those are the voices of fear and mistrust, symbolized by the girl and the boy. But it is precisely those children, those emotions, that cause you to dive more deeply into yourself when you dare to be your own guide. It is by resolving and releasing those emotions that a deeper reality comes to light. These children have a valuable message for you, so allow them to speak. If you have compassion for your emotions, they will then transform into the voice of your intuition. The heavy ballast then falls off and the children begin to represent your intuitive nature.

Do that inner work regularly. If you find yourself not feeling comfortable in some situations, and with certain people, consult the children within you. Put them at ease and take them to that other country where you feel at Home and safe. That is the place where the earthly and spiritual overlay and merge. In that country, you can also meet us and we will do everything we can to encourage you to continually enter into a dialogue with the child-parts within you.

The more you enter into an inner dialogue with yourself, in peace and simplicity, the more the cosmic energy flows through you. You then strengthen your connection with what you call the spiritual world – the other world. That world is here and now. It is just as strong a part of you as your earthly body and your five senses. It is the intention of your soul that this other world be the basis of your life here on Earth, because it gives direction to your life. It shows to you what is really important. Put your trust, therefore, in yourself when you enter into this inner dimension. Your guide here is your feelings, your inner knowing.

When you enter the inner dimension, you need to let go of what you were taught, of how to assess things with your mind, of regarding only as real what you can observe with your senses. It is your inner knowing that tells you if something is true and makes sense for you. Trust in that! It is what directs your spiritual side to being more present on Earth, so it can flow in your daily life.

Thank you for your presence here. We love you.


» Source » Channel: Pamela Kribbe