Father Yahweh: I Come To Remind You Of Your Power

I Am Divine eraoflightdotcomGreetings my dear children! Greetings! I AM Yahweh, I AM your Father!

I come today to fill you up with strength and fortitude! I come to remind you of your power, which I gave to you many eons ago when I conceived you. With the Mother it is true, but nevertheless, We both bestowed on you every godly quality and aspect of Us, for you are to be the perfection of our combined Love and Essence in form.

Yes, each and every one of thee has a blossoming god within. And the more you trust and act in love and kindness, the more it expands and becomes pure golden light that is shining, nourishing you and others, feeding the life within and without.

And you are shining brightly my dearest ones!

Do not allow the clouds of fear and doubt, do not allow the turmoil of the world that is in tumultuous change to convince you that you are not making a difference. Do not look for confirmation outside your sweet selves. Though, if you do, look carefully and you will spot many, many subtle indications of the upgrades that have been taking place, the proof that love and light have won. See all the changes for the better in children’s eyes; see the golden light shining in the sky; see the beauty and purity in nature…in the beauty of the tiniest flower as well as in the magnificence of the oldest tree.

When you have difficulties seeing the improvements outside yourselves, when you become weary and tired of holding the light and the peace for everyone around thee, then I am asking you to come to me! Come to me in the 13th Octave, come to me in your heart, come and call me wherever you are, for I am with you and I will never leave your side.

Yes, I have been quiet for too long, for the Mother wanted and needed to tend to thee! You needed Her tenderness and nourishing Love. You have needed her gentle embrace and you needed to remember the compassionate ways of living, that forgiveness of a mother that never ever punishes or abandons her children, regardless how many mistakes they might perceive they have made. You needed Her Love and guidance to assist you in tending that tender and vulnerable child inside yourselves so you could mature into a healthy and robust adult – this wonderful love-being that you have become.

But now I step forward, for you need the strength and the power to take all of your wisdom and all of those ideas that we have planted in your minds and hearts and put them into action! You are my creators of the new worlds, you are the builders of the Nova communities, of the Cities of Love, and of Nova world! You are these powerful creators and you need my strength and life-force to move into action, to spring forward in love and joy!

I am here to infuse you with my energy, with renewed fortitude, and to unleash and upgrade your creative abilities so that we can proceed at last!

I am with you! Farewell.


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle


7 Replies to “Father Yahweh: I Come To Remind You Of Your Power”

  1. EraOfLight Post author

    *Greetings! Kejraj here.

    I must say I am a bit surprised to say the least from some of the comments here. Perhaps you are thinking of Yahweh’s past.

    1. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

      Yaldabaoth-Yahweh, the primary anomaly whom Gaia Sophia created during the creation event was ashamed of for stating there are no other Gods but him, is being removed. Those that continue to possess particles of the anomaly are also having them removed from them, as well as implants that everyone born has had implanted into them, along with the nano smart dust, via the air, GMO’s, water contamination and radiation, etc.

      Federation of Light Public Address – 21 Jan 2019 – QTZ1246

  2. Cheri Lawrence

    Yaweh is the false light matrix that trapped our consciousness as we could not travel beyond it. Some of this love and light fluff, thee and thou and sickening sweet stuff just feels empty to me but it is what is in ones heart that matters. God is in us all no matter what we label it through religious programming. We all channel through our belief system. The good news is that the Yaweh grid is almost down and christed or super consciousness will be available once again for all who seek it yay!