Mother God: You Are Infinitely Loved

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomYes dears, it is I your Mother God. I wish to embrace you all in liquid light, my honey love of infinite comfort and well being. Breathe it in children for you are weary, I know this. We see this, your Father and I. We too are eager for this experiment to end but we assure you that it indeed has, and that you are experiencing the rebirth of the new. You are there to anchor the light, to remain in your precious physical bodies that are working so hard for you. Take the time to honor them for their service to you, and to fill them with my liquid light. I pass it on to you freely for healing of yourself, of the others. Be my hands and feet. Be my loving embrace to those who cannot feel me yet, or who think I do not exist because the scriptures make no mention of me. How can there be a Father without a Mother? How can there be light without dark? And yet you have experienced much darkness and are ready for so much light, children. Your light quotient is increasing day by day, moment by moment and it creates such inner joy for me, for your Father and I, for we see you as mini fractals of us, of pure light, of our Source energies experiencing the cosmos and creating constantly as you do.

I wish for you to do an exercise of relaxation with me. I want you to sit calmly and still. Breathe. Find that magical spot between the in breath and the out breath. Feel the body longing to breathe in and long to breathe me in. See? You are the out breath, I am the in breath. The still point between is where we embrace. Think how many times you breathe during the day and night. See how many times we embrace! See and feel how loved you are, how deserving of love you are. How radiantly full of love you are. That is how I see you. I see you as my utmost most perfect and beloved creation. You are all equally perfect, equally divine, equally without blemish! That is how I see you! See yourselves this way! This one is crying. See there is still much to release, but there is nothing to forgive on my end. Truly all of these most painful moments in your most blessed lives were contractual for you to be propelled ever closer to me, into my embrace, my outstretched hands and arms welcoming you back again into me. Further and further into my embrace. So whatever it was, a death, a divorce, an abortion, a betrayal, a great loss of love — what ever it was, find my healing and be free. Be comforted, be renewed, be at peace and know that I love you most infinitely, most perfectly and that it is time to accept – to REALLY accept – this love into the innermost deepest most wounded places and parts of you and find ME there. Find your healing for there is no accuser. Truly that is a shadow self. No. There is only me. Only light and pure love await you. Breathe in this love. Rest in me and find your renewal, find your healing, and find me. See? We are an inseparable team! We are light and love intermixed together as one mighty breath of creation. You are my out breath of creation. Find me when you breathe. Hold my hand during the day as you type at your 3D jobs, as you extend your hands to the others in service. Whatever you are doing, find me and rejoice in union of peace.

Child — daughter, son — you are so infinitely loved. Welcome home! Love and finding this love is your home. See? You are already there. You are already home when you rest in my outstretched arms of pure infinite love for you! There is absolutely no separation, should you allow this union. But of course it is up to you. That is the gift of choice, of free will. But really, haven’t you experienced enough shame and pain? Give it up. Give it to me. And be free of it. Drop it into the bottom of the sea of my infinite, most perfect love, and let us explore new things! Let us explore freedom, joy, bliss and perfect union with me. Hold my hands all day. All night. Hold me and I assure you I will hold you and support you in the most perfect, most comforting ways. Rest in this space of most perfect divine love. Rest in this cocoon of honey love perfection. Feel the golden light of thick juicy yummy love cascading all over you, insulating you from all fears and dissolving them into the light. Allow the honey love to coat your most wounded places and fill them deliberately with light. State “I now allow you Mother and invite you to please coat every tiny morsel of me with your divine bliss and love.” And I will do it ! The wave is approaching. See it is here! It is my honey love for you! Embrace it into you and when the cosmic flash comes you will be ready, joyful, bouncing, delighted and free. But you can feel all of that now! No need to wait! See? I am here and I am making all things new. I am the Divine Mother and I am calling all of my children home. Read these words as often as you wish. They are my lullaby to you, my elixir of love for you. I am your Mother God. Be at peace, children, and be comforted.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl