The Andromedan Collective: In Perfect Harmony

galaxy eraoflightdotcomGreetings friends, we are your Andromedan neighbors, traversing this part of space time, this space quadrant, with you. We have been closely observing your trials, tribulations and massive progress over the centuries and we are very impressed with the tenacity of the ascending human spirit, something that we can all learn from. You are an outstanding example of grit, of light shining in the darkness and we salute you for your progress and never ending spiral upwards back towards the Source light, the All. The shields no longer covers your eyes for you ascending ones can see clearly. You can see through the vexing trap of materialism, the greed of over-consumption and waste. You can see the harm that has been inflicted on your most glorious, beautiful planet Gaia, and you can feel in your heart it is time for the great changeover from overbearing masculine to the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, in perfect harmony. The divine feminine receives light — receives, creates, restores, rebirths. The divine masculine gives, cares for, protects, and creates space for the rebirth of the new. Together in perfect harmony and balance there is nothing more satisfying to be a part of, for life hums when balance, this sacred divine balance of the sexual energies, is at its equilibrium, as as uniquely intended to be.

Sexuality is a steaming topic on your planet today, no pun intended. There is much confusion on this topic, and it is not something that we wish to tangent regarding, but it is going to come to light that this too has been greatly manipulated, but we believe this audience already knows that. Think of the antique balancing scale, where balance is the key. For far too long the unbalanced taking and conquering masculine has invaded and evaded the light of the balance of the divine feminine and has abused her most sacred creative energies. This is to be remedied. Of course this has shown up on your surface world in a variety of ways, including the confusion regarding sexual expression. Sexual expression is a divine gift of creative potential. Conception is of course an integral part of this creative process but it is not the only process. Your sacred mystery schools taught the divine sexual energies, taught how to align, how to concrete portals of bliss – it is much more than just a carnal lust process. Many of you long to experience this divinity of the sexual union where it truly is give and receive and chakra joining as fields merge. It is truly an astounding process of divinity sharing itself with another aspect of itself. We Andromedans also enjoy this creative process with our twins frequently and there is no shame surrounding this blissful, delightful union. No shame, no blame, no game. It is simply an expression of love. And thus as it is an integral part of our society, love and balance are everywhere. It is time that the sexual union is no longer exploited and misunderstood or maligned. This too shall come to pass on your surface world as you are all upgraded further into advanced understandings and increased light encodements, which is happening now.

We Andromedans see you with eyes of joy for our earthly neighbors, the brave ones who sought to expand the most the fastest and took on a seemingly impossible experiment and look how far you have come! We see and acknowledge there has been significant pain in the process of this expansion, such is not uncommon when one is birthing a new life. We see that many of you are in physical pain, and have been clearing much on behalf of the others, the collective. We salute you for this monumental task of clearing much dross for so many. We Andromedans have a rich history as well, fraught with space battles, expansion, return to a higher dimensional society, but our history is ancient, older, and we took more time to ascend than you have and so it is with eagerness of heart that we observe and cheer you on from the rafters as you have heard before. Truly there is much celebrating in the heavens right now regarding you – you! – lightworkers who are our knights in shining armor and we honor you for your valor, your determination and your steadfastness towards love. Your twins are waiting for you, many of you. You are well loved, well treasured, much appreciated and we salute you. We love you. We embrace you. We are the Andromedan Collective lending a heart, a hand and a hug. We would say that we are your biggest fans but you have so many it would be audacious to say so. Nonetheless, we are here for you in full support, militarily, spiritually and emotionally. We love you. We are the Andromedan Collective. Signing off.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl