Aurelius of Lyra: Control and Trust, Befriending the Stranger at the Periphery

lyra eraoflightI am Aurelius, and I speak as part of a group of Lyrans, who, like the Arcturians have been observing you. We wish to be of service to you, but we can only do so much for your current state does not give us opportunity to be of as much help as we might.

We wish to speak to you today about trust and allowance. One thing that is characteristic of most humans is that they seek to control their lives, their creations, how things will occur in their lives.

When you want something, you believe that you must then set about trying to get it. You must try. You must struggle. You recognize you are getting closer to what it is you want by meeting setbacks, by the amount that you push and are thrown back. If you stop pushing and trying, you feel as the universe has perhaps forgotten about your desire, and so the pushing, efforting, trying is your reminder, in case we didn’t get the message, in case the memo to us, somehow got lost.

You believe that communication with the divine is like talking on the phone with an electrical short in the line in a thunderstorm. Occasionally, what you want gets through, but you can never be sure that all of your message has been received, and so you repeat yourself, and yell louder, and even then, because there is so much noise around you, you do not feel satisfied that your message has been received.

Efforting is habit It is a habit born out of lack of trust, but also a habit your ego gravitates towards, because you do not know how to wait and how to allow the divine to bring you what you are asking. The ego, feeding on your insecurity, and distrust, – that part of you which feels insignificant and disconnected, steps up to take control, “to do” something and the doing, the taking action, even the struggling to get something done, feels to you more powerful, then waiting and allowing.

When you do, you feel powerful, but really it is your ego being given a job, a task, a seemingly important position, as a manager, a boss, a CEO who in charge of making your life happen, making your dreams a reality.

And so the ego charges forward, intoxicated with the power of doing. Seemingly impossible tasks are heaped upon you, one after the other, until you are exhausted. But your ego/boss sees that you are not yet where you would like to be. You have not yet attained that which you wish, and so, because the ego knows only how to issue orders is constantly berating you for not acting enough, for wanting a rest, for slowing down.

The further you are from what it is you want, the more your ego screams, yells, demands that you take action, and the more outrageous and difficult to fulfill these actions are. You know that the ego has taken charge when you feel fearful, unable to slow down, worried, when you feel that as much as you act, you are no closer to attaining what it is you want. The finish line, like the horizon, always remains in the distance, just out of reach. And paradoxically, the more you try, the further away it stretches. More efforting pushes what you want further fom you, puts more distance in between you and that which you want. It’s a conundrum, no? The more you charge forward and take action, the further away what it is you want becomes.

And here’s another complication: the more you effort, the more your attention is drawn to effort itself, the more your energies are engaged on the doing, the trying, the struggle,that you forget that which you want. You get wrapped up in the project of trying and you lose sight of what it is you’re actually wanting, which is why what you want remains so far out of your reach.

In this state, if someone were to tap you on the shoulder and say “Relax, don’t try so hard, or “You do know that this isn’t working?” you react with extreme hostility and resentment. Here I am working, struggling, trying so hard, and you come along and tell me to relax. Easy for you to say! Who are you anyway?

This is partly because as frustrated as you feel, the ego likes being in charge, and fears being deposed, relegated to a secondary role. It likes the importance it feels when you are under its command, and you feel desperate.

This sense of desperation and fear the ego feels is because as much as the ego would like to be the creator, it knows that it cannot actually manifest things, for that is not its job, or what it is best at doing. The ego knows this, but constantly tries to obscure the fact that it is unqualified for the role of boss, by giving you more orders and acting as if all your frenetic activity and failure to do enough is the reason why you are frustrated. This is a ruse. It is not about you doing more. It is about to doing less and doing nothing out of fear.

This model of doing as part of the misalignment between masculine and feminine energies. It is born out of a deep anxiety that if one does nothing, one lacks power, or one has no role in the process of creation. One is essentially impotent.

The divine feminine is the way of receiving, the way of allowing, the way of aligning, connecting, and feeling into the truth that one is already divine. That which one wants is not separate, is not other. This is the way of trust and reconciliation and true power. In order to create, you do not control, you need to dream, to feel, to allow feelings to become stronger, and as they do, you are carried by them, sometimes into action, sometimes into expansion. You are never trying to be that which you are not. You’re never trying to attain that which you do not already have.

You are coming to know a part of yourself that you have always been. This is trust, the trust of delight, t he trust of curiosity, the trust of exploration, experimentation and wonder, which does not fear the outcome still unknown, but seeks to come into relationship with it.

What if you were to imagine that your desires were like a strange, foreign visitor that has appeared on the horizon of your consciousness, on the edges of your home. The stranger has a message for you, and an important gift, but she can not give either to you if you insist she stays at the periphery. What if you invited this stranger closer, you find ways to be hospitable, to offer this stranger shelter. What if in order to understand the message, you must first get to know her, and find a way to communicate with her. This is a divine interchange, a delicate dance. It is the intimacy of a relationship, the stages of which cannot be determined by following somebody else’s 5 steps or recipe for success.

A relationship is built on fascination, delicacy, patience, and delight in the unfoldment. This is how you develop and express trust, how you allow the divine to bring to you that which you want.

The ego is not charge, it does not give orders, it is not trying to determine or direct this process. Nevertheless, it does have a role to play, and it is that of discernment, recognizing the little things that make a difference. When aligned with curiosity, the ego is a powerful ally, giving you information and insights that can make your developing relationships deeper and richer.

You have been fed so many stories about vanquishing evil monsters. These stories will not serve you to attain your dreams, for the end of the story, is not the monster vanquished, but the quest attained. There are obstacles along the way, but story is more than simply the obstacle.

The story that you have not heard as much, the one that you need to practiced telling, is the one where the heroine encounter a stranger. The way one responds to a stranger’s need determines one’s fate. In many stories, kindness towards a stranger is the key to one’s fortune. Whether that stranger grants you three wishes, or shows you the location of a hidden treasure, it is the how you treat the stranger and their needs that bring your heart’s desire. For the stranger is, of course, another you. The you that you dream of being.

Practice hospitality to the strangers in your life including the stranger within, and you will learn not only to trust the unknown, but to fall in love with that which you are becoming. This is the way of trust, the way of allow, the way you bring into form all that you want and can imagine.


» Channel: Suzanne de las Estrellas