Cobra Update: Bubbles of Heaven Update

waves of light eraoflightdotcomThe purpose of this update is to provide clarifications of the Bubbles of Heaven article to the surface population. First, the six phases of a phase transition will be explained in more detail. Each of those

Lord Maitreya: Learning to Love Yourself

maitreya eraoflightdotcomI, Lord Maitreya, wish to share an invocation with you to support your further exploration of loving yourself unconditionally. I hope you will accept my invocation using it in your daily reality as and when you feel

The State of Consciousness on Earth

new earth eraoflightdotcomIt feels very fitting, to write today on the state of consciousness here on Earth. On the one hand we have mass consciousness that feeds off itself, as a programmed conditioning of fear. On the

Scientists Detect Consciousness via Brain Signals in Breakthrough Study

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomHumans have learned to travel through space, eradicate diseases and understand nature at the breathtakingly tiny level of fundamental particles. Yet we have no idea how consciousness

Soul Awakening; How to Know Everything About Anything Part 3 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comSoul awareness is like standing on a mountaintop compared to being down in a valley: The view is incredible. You can see so much more from the mountaintop than when you were down in the valley

Merlin: Reach Inside

lightworker eraoflightdotcomGreetings Young Ones,

Today, We the Collective would like to tell you about an important aspect of the Ascension process. Many of you are devoted to

Energy Update Angels and Demons in the 4d Matrix

wishing stars eraoflightdotcom2019 is the Year of the Warrior Healer. Stealth shamans able to manipulate their realities for love and peace. The Great Clearing has begun. Phase 4. Celestial portals have accelerated our awakening