Merlin: Reach Inside

lightworker eraoflightdotcomGreetings Young Ones,

Today, We the Collective would like to tell you about an important aspect of the Ascension process. Many of you are devoted to helping each other. This a noble gesture. But aren’t you forgetting someone? We have noticed how many of you enjoy helping others. Now, we would like to tell you that some of you are forgetting about someone. This soul is You. It is important to mention that we repeat certain things. This is the basics of Spirituality.

Today, take some time to reach inside to release the old ways. Many of you started to do so. By doing this, you may get to feel empty. This is part of the process. Continue to release the old. Your emotions will give you a chance to release many layers of old energy. You must let it go. Once this is done, we suggest you take the time to go outside and feel the sunshine. We are aware that some parts of your planet may well be cloudy. Still, go outside and enjoy the day. The Energies will reach to every one of you. Also, you must remember to ground yourself.

Today the Energies are constant and filled with some unique vibrations. You may get to feel your body vibrating to a harmonic of the energy frequencies coming in. You may get to feel and remember past experiences. Please remember, the Energy system is online as We are telling you this. As you will reach inside, the vibrations will fill your soul with Unconditional Love. The color associated with it is dark blue also known as deep electric blue. Should you feel or see another color, let it flow, eventually, the color will change. Then you will feel the Unconditional Love inside. When this is happening, you will become a magnet to people working on their Spiritual Journey.

Dear Ones, the Energies are designed to let go of your past. We are assisting you in the release of the old. Call upon the Divine to help you. The people of your planet were not meant to be enslaved by the Cabal. We the Collective have set the Energies to free you from the Dark Forces. You are now free. We know it may take a while before you realize it. Now you can manifest anything you desire. Be wise when you manifest something.


» Source » Channel: Bernard Lariviere