Saint Germain: How to Usher in Heaven on Earth

saint germain eraoflightI am St. Germain,  of the Violet flame. 

Nothing is as it appears. What you perceive, although appearing real, is not the truth of any situation,  it is always a partial truth, what it is you can

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Year of the Pig

justnews eraoflightdotcomThe Chinese New Year—the Year Of The Pig—starts tomorrow, February 5th and sets up this year to be a year of bounty, where people can feed at the trough to their heart’s content, Asian secret society sources say

Yeshua: The Vastness of Who you Truly Are

yeshua eraoflightdotcomWe are ALL. That is: all sentient life is one Consciousness that is infinitely aware and all-knowing in every moment. However, since the apparent separation occurred, those in human form have lost this awareness of the one

David Wilcock: Deep State Tribunals Underway

its time eraoflightThe Deep State Tribunals have now begun in several locations, according to various insider accounts. David and Elizabeth Wilcock had a huge tree fall in their yard as they were both writing about this

Archangel Gabriel: A Surprising Way to Bring Balance to your Life

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomOne Way to Bring More Balance to Life

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply

February 2019 Energy Report

wishing stars eraoflightdotcomWe’re into another month and this one will be focused on cleaning up after the chaos of January. Remember that chaos is the result of dis-integration of old paradigms and we’re seeing a lot of that now

Really Good Reasons You Should Have Colloidal Silver In Your Home

hey share what you know eraoflightdotcomColloidal Silver is one of those staples our family can not do without. We use it to treat just about everything we come up against and it has more uses than most people realize and despite the propaganda, colloidal silver

The Council: The Negativity that you See

council of light eraoflightdotcomMany of your questions concern the negativity that you see around you. We have chosen one of these questions to include below, but our intent is to address them all. “If our world is based in duality

The Era of Higher Harmonics – February 2019 Energy Update

collective mass mediation eraoflightdotcomThis is a transcript of the Lee’s spoken February Energy Update video.

I shared in my annual video for 2019, that 2019 marks the beginning of a brand new seven year cycle