Saint Germain: How to Usher in Heaven on Earth

saint germain eraoflightI am St. Germain,  of the Violet flame. 

Nothing is as it appears. What you perceive, although appearing real, is not the truth of any situation,  it is always a partial truth, what it is you can recognize in this moment. 

Although this appears to be frustrating, it is also a source of comfort for you. Reality is in the process of changing.  In these times of change,  take heart and ask that only the highest and best for all be done.

So many people now are asking, “When? When will I see these changes? When will these much prophesized events come to pass?” 

I will tell you they are coming to pass, they have come to pass, they will come to pass.  What is important,  is your feeling in this moment.  Reality is a series of moments and it is all moments where you feel deeply,  in your heart.

It is a place of return. It is the place you return to when you feel whole, when you feel strong, when you remember what it was that you came here to do and to experience.

To maintain hope,  to keep in your heart the vision of that which you wish to experience, the reality you wish to live in, your visions and imaginings play a big part, bigger than you will know,  in the manifestation of collective reality. We tell you dream of the new world, dream and hold the vision of what you wish to be, what you wish for others, a world that is heaven on earth.

Notice what part of vision, that heaven is already manifest.  When you notice the beauty in nature or in a person,  you are noticing heaven on earth,  and you are summoning it into being.  This is how you step into the new reality, the one that you are wishing to see the evidence of. It is apparent in small signs. As you recognize the small signs, so will you be ushered into the new reality . Embrace all that you desire and wish for, and dream about and so shall you step through the portals of the possible into a new living reality.


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