Archangels Ariel & Uriel: The Cornucopia

angels watching earth eraoflight.jpgGreetings dearly beloved,

Today we, Ariel and Uriel, your sisters of Light, are both here to bring you wonderful news about what is in the works

The Secret Plan To Airlift The Queen Out Of London If ‘Hard Brexit’ Becomes A Reality

freeworldnews eraoflightdotcomTheresa May’s “victory” last week when MPs backed the Brady amendment, giving May a Parliamentary mandate to renegotiate her withdrawal agreement with the EU, has been short

Archangel Gabriel: How To Recognize Your Calling

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomWhat you imagine is beyond you, is your call.  It is telling you exactly what it is you must do.  No one who is called,  is called because they are ready, or because they know exactly how they will accomplish what

7 Steps Which Will Help Keep Cancer at Bay

natures medicine eraoflightdotcomThe following are what I believe are the crucial steps that can be taken to make your body as inhospitable to cancer as possible and the reasons for each step

Intuitive Astrology: February New Moon 2019

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomThe New Moon on February 4th falls in the sign of Aquarius and holds beautiful, abundant, glittering energy for us all.

After the intensity of the Blood

The Council: The Question of Purpose

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe find that once again we must address the question of purpose. Over and over you ask this council, and many other channels, “How can I find my purpose?” “What is my, or our, purpose

The Fairies and Mother Gaia: We Are Ready

love earth eraoflightdotcom.jpgHello! We are the fairies, and we have great news, great tidings of great joy for you humans today ~ the portals are opening ~ are lifting and ascension is occurring, is rising, you are all rising up higher faster