The Council: The Question of Purpose

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe find that once again we must address the question of purpose. Over and over you ask this council, and many other channels, “How can I find my purpose?” “What is my, or our, purpose?” “What should I be doing?” We have, in the list of questions to us, more than a dozen that ask this in one way or another. We will address it now, once again, and perhaps you will understand that the problem lies in your preconceived ideas of what an acceptable purpose may be.

There is a mother reading this who is exhausted from caring for three children. She is doing a mostly unappreciated job very well. She keeps them fed, clothed, sheltered, doctored, and amused. And she does this with less resources than she might wish to have. She stopped wanting much for herself a few years ago.

In quiet moments she laments not having time to devote to finding her true purpose in life.

In varying degrees, this is an excellent illustration of all of those who ‘can’t find’ their purpose. We ask you this, does that mother know that she is not raising a remarkable world leader? Does she know that one of those children may become a researcher who develops a cure for several deadly diseases? What if the granddaughter of one of those children might become a most exceptional teacher?

You have been ‘sold a bill of goods’ about what is important in your world and what is not. And then you have also bought into the idea that you can be ‘not enough’. In your world, as it presently exists, a person can be thought to be worth a great deal if they can play a game well, or look good in front of a camera, or read lines in a pleasing voice. They can command very high salaries and live in expensive homes, etc. Teachers, healers, farmers, etc., who live their lives benefiting those around them are expected to ask little or even nothing for what they do.

What does this say about the value that is placed on the ordinary but well lived, life? How might it be affecting your ideas of what your purpose ‘should’ be?

All of what we have just discussed is the result of the things you have been taught, or that you have learned from observation, in your lifetime. It was all determined by others and accepted by you. Have you ever asked yourself what you want to do in your life? Is that too selfish an idea?

You are living in judgment of yourselves by comparing yourselves to the accepted ideas of others, some of whom are long dead. Do you see?

Let us tell you what your purpose truly is.

From your perspective, when you see someone who is highly visible in your society, or even someone who is in a profession that you respect, or someone who has devoted his public life to benefit society, you think he or she is following her purpose, his purpose, in life. And it may be the case that what they are doing follows an intention made before the incarnation.

However, the occupation itself is no indicator as such. The purpose of every human on your planet is, and always has been, to raise and expand the consciousness of themselves as individuals, and of the collective of humanity. The Higher Self or divine self, and the guides and teachers of the individual, have the purpose during that life of bringing to the individual whatever is most needed to fulfill that overarching purpose.

If the growth and expansion of the consciousness will be best served by the experience of being a farmer, then a farmer shall one be. But, life is never about learning only one lesson. And most often, life is not simply about learning. It is even possible to have a life that is basically a rest period, a reward. But reward or punishment, it is not thrust upon anyone because some being sitting in judgment somewhere made a decision. It is decided that it is most needed by the soul itself after much counseling.

Now you are trying to come to grips with this idea and most probably you are failing to do so. You are not equipped with the ability, the information, nor the viewpoint of a being that has lived countless lives and has all of that experience with which to come to that understanding. Yet, you are just that being in your true essence.

And you eternally respond with “Why?” And we eternally answer, “Because that is what you have chosen.” The time is coming when your evolution will allow such knowing to be yours. You, humanity, have decided that it shall be so, and so it shall be.

In the meanwhile, you would be best served by trusting your soul to bring you exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Few of you have learned this. And that is alright. Everything is alright. You will come to see this, as well.

Now, if we have explained ourselves well enough, you may begin to see that your ‘purpose’ is what is in front of you to do this day. Like everything else in your lives, it is an ever changing and evolving thing. The electrician of today was sure he wanted to be a cowboy when he was younger. Then he studied to be an artist. He almost could not tell you what happened to get him to where he is today. But, oddly enough, he truly enjoys painting now that he does not need to be perfect at it. Enjoy to its fullest the day you are in. Find something each day to be grateful for. Tell your soul. Trust it. And tell it that, too.

Give yourselves credit for being on a journey devoted to the search for the truth of who you are. Were this not true, you would not have asked the questions that you have asked, nor would you have been likely to read this far. You are amazing. You are divine beings of awesome light. You are changing a world. Just don’t assume that you must do it alone.


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