The Fairies and Mother Gaia: We Are Ready

love earth eraoflightdotcom.jpgHello! We are the fairies, and we have great news, great tidings of great joy for you humans today ~ the portals are opening ~ are lifting and ascension is occurring, is rising, you are all rising up higher faster, and yet it is an inward journey; and we see many of you making these inner journey connections quite readily which causes us to tremble with great joy and anticipation for when you wake up the giant wakes up! For you are all master creators and we fairies see this, for we remember the great ferocity of intention you have, and when you remember this again, we are all very excited to see what will advance next, which will happen next for Mother Gaia is in childbirth birthing a higher version of herself ~ and giving birth to yourself is not an easy thing to do ~ we hardly understand for it is a new thing, but we are offering the Mother all kinds of energetic assistance right now and we greatly ask with you awakened humans would do the same in in this now, for it is terribly important to banish the dark, dissolve their holdings into light, and to hold the light! For that is why you are here, do you remember star seeds, galactic warriors? Are you holding the light for the Mother?~

This is happening now all over a giant web of intergalactic light is encasing and holding the Mother, like holding the hands for a mother who is about to deliver and her cries are heard all over the town. Gaia is giving birth as are you ~ you are morphing into new beautiful galactic humans / beings and we fairies greatly anticipate great changes for you are the bringers of this change – do not shirk your duty! Do not forget again! For we cannot stand the thought of that – when you forgot who you were the dark deluded you, oppressed not just you but us too, everything, and it was a dark and gloomy time and we fairies of sick of it! We are sick of the dark, we are ready for more light! We talk eagerly with our fairy friends from other worlds who are in higher societies and we hear their stories of higher living and frankly, that’s what we want here, just as you do, we are sure of it, but we are growing impatient, and so human wake up! Help us help you and let us give Mother Gaia the final energetic support, for her delivery for she waits not much longer, not much longer now, it is but a breath away, a moment away… you are filling your days with moments are you ready and waiting or are you just living and getting through? We suggested you are ready and eagerly anticipating and holding the light for the mother, for yourselves for the others and continue to do this without ceasing, with the firmness of a decided warrior for that is who you are so be that here now – the Mother needs your help! ~

Ah, fairies, I thank you. This is your Mother Gaia. The fairies are all fired up today for they are anxious for me. They see my pain. Would you please dear ones send me joy, send me light, send me violet fire for the pain of it. And in turn loves, you will be healed. For we are all inextricably linked as you know. All is ripening. I am ripe for rebirth. I am ripe, ready and exploding into light, into the light of the new, of new possibilities of creation, of expansion. I AM Gaia. I AM Ready. I am weeping with joy for my time is here now. At long last. My time has come. (Crying.) It has been so long. So many millennia of oppression, of pain, and yet, of love, of joy. And that love and joy has been stored up as a storehouse of infinite blessings for you, for me to experience here in this sacred now of union, of ascension. You are my precious treasure. You humans who have experimented with life and love and loss, our experiences are the untold riches. For that is why you came, and that is why I allowed you to come. My heart is great, full of love for you dear humans. Dear humans, remember your power now and let us create this newness of life together now, here, one. The birth pangs are fast together now. I will have some need of energetic support to keep my crust intact. Hold my hands for the final breath of life. Send me the violet flame. Appease the fairies and hold my hand and I shall be most grateful – I am your Mother Gaia. Through thick and thin we have been dear one, and so we shall discover all new joys ahead because of it. The veil is rending, just as my body is rending, just as I am splitting in two.

Chose the light. Choose me. Choose ascension. It will be worth it. Hold my hand as I am holding yours. You are my precious cargo. Allow yet even more light into you and it will help me hold more as well. I see many of you extending your hands of healing and light to me. Thank you. We support each other. It is a perfect balance. The change is not coming. The change is here. I AM GAIA. I wish to take you with me on my journey. Will you come? See the dawn is here. It is a new day. A new time. A new world. Thank you for your love to me, warriors of light. I now depart into it. Join me. I AM Gaia.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl