Archangel Gabriel: How To Recognize Your Calling

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomWhat you imagine is beyond you, is your call.  It is telling you exactly what it is you must do.  No one who is called,  is called because they are ready, or because they know exactly how they will accomplish what is being asked of them.  It is apparent impossibility of the task that is part of what makes it authentically yours. What you feel you cannot do is exactly what you must do, when it is combined with a deep desire,  a deep longing,  that this task be done, be done by someone, someone whom you believe is truly capable.

Remember when you wanted to paint, but because you believed that you did not have the years of schooling and training, because of how old you believed you were, you thought it impossible. Yet your heart desired to express itself, and the colors delighted you and we responded to your heart’s call by giving the place and the teacher that would nurture your desires.

Do you remember how much you loved, how much he longed to go to Gladis to paint,> how good it felt to be there, as if you had come home?  A home that you always longed to return to,  yet never knew existed? This is what it means to be called.  You are being called home, called home to yourself, called home to that which you have always longed for,  and that which has always been part of you.

When you are called to become what you are more fully,  you are called to do that which makes you come alive, that which makes you excited to wake up in the morning. The desire of it and the joy of doing that which your heart deeply desires shows you how to do what you think you cannot.

As with painting,  you learned the techniques as you needed them. You experimented with what you admired. As you imitated those who inspired you, you developed your own skills and abilities. Desire is what propels you to learn, and to do what you believe is  beyond you.

We say to you now, begin, wherever you are, with your desire. The feeling, the dream of what it is you wish to create. This is the beginning. Nurture and visit your dream. Call in the guidance that you need to make that feeling/dream manifest. For awhile, pay attention to what it is you imagine,  and nurture it as you would a small seed, that needs protection and encouragement,  before it is able to brave the elements.  Let yourself expand, knowing you will be given everything that you need to realize every dream.


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