Lady Quan Yin: To Access Your Wisdom, Speak Your Truth Out Loud

quan yin eraoflightdotcomDearest ones, as you are well aware your world is undergoing many tumultuous changes at this time. Whether you are fully aware of it or not, your body is registering these changes, for you are a part of and made up of the earth, and all of the elements are within you. Whatever Gaia undergoes, so, too, do you. Much of which you experience as catastrophes are deep clearings, realignments and what to call “upgrades.”

It is important for your evolution and ascension to clear your throat chakra, for it is an intermediary between the wisdom of your heart and that of the spirit. It is through your throat chakra that spiritual knowledge from the higher realms, and from your inner divinity, is made manifest your world.

You must be able to speak your truth aloud so as to access what it is you know fully. That which you cannot say, that which you cannot speak aloud, remains dormant, not fully realized, not fully accessible and activated. It is through the throat that truth the full power of the truth is activated, comes “online,” comes alive.

Move sound through your throat chakra: Use your voice to speak aloud, to sing, to make sounds, to tone. This is particularly helpful in clearing the throat chakra. Practice hearing the sound of your own voice and you will also discover what it is that you have to say, that only you can say, that is the needed, necessary piece of the puzzle, the wisdom of the ages that is the last being brought back to life through you.

And so it is with great blessings and much love. We look forward in great anticipation of all that is yet to come.


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