The Andromedans: Sit with Your Discomfort

galaxy eraoflightdotcomWe are the Andromedans and we would like you to know that there is much help available to you.

You must be willing to allow yourself to feel uncomfortable, and to sit with your discomfort without attempting to rid yourself of it, without attempting to distract yourself from noticing it.

It is very hard for humans to sit with or stay with their discomfort,  even though discomfort has many messages for you.  It helps you notice where you are out of alignment and to make adjustments accordingly.

Discomfort helps you redirect the direction of your motions, your e-motion. Through discomfort,  you can change the course of your behavior, but not if you ignore or suppress discomfort, or view it as that which is to be avoided.

When you can sit with your discomfort,  it will help clarify where you are out of alignment and if you are able to sit with it long enough, you will begin to notice other avenues, other energies emerging. But if you do not sit with the discomfort, you will try your old strategies and to keep on going in the same way that you have gone before, with a slight variation perhaps , but essentially you are doing the same thing.

The other reason to practice sitting with discomfort, is that you may begin to interpret that to discomfort not as unpleasant but  simply different, new, interesting perhaps even intriguing.  Once you are able to sit with discomfort, you will make yourself available to the assistance that is offered to you, for you will not try to predetermine or accept only assistance that matches your sense of what help looks or should feel like.

This is all for now. We thank you and we bid you adieu.


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