David Wilcock: Military Tribunals Have Started, Some Will Get The Death Penalty

its time eraoflightA large tree recently fell in David Wilcock’s back yard. And yes, he was there to hear it. And it spurred him on to make the video below. Standing amidst an array of broken limbs and branches from the tree that fell dangerously close to his house, David proclaimed the falling tree as a stunning synchronicity, given that at that moment his wife Beth was working in the kitchen on an article on the ‘Fall of Corrupt Kings,’ which presages the fall of the patriarchal control structure and the rise of feminine power.

This dovetails perfectly with what David claims his insiders are telling him is actually happening behind the scenes:

The synchronicity of this is unbelievable, because, here’s why: the subject of what we are talking about is the fall of kings, the collapse of corruption, the ending of the old guard. We are looking at, right now, tribunals, that are allegedly taking place. We have very good intel on this, from multiple insider sources, that they have arrested, right now, key people in the Deep State.

They already have tribunals going on in several locations in the United States, and apparently Guantanamo. There are prison barges taking people to Guantanamo, and what they’ve done, is they’ve started with the mid-level people who were directly involved in child trafficking. The sealed indictments that we’ve been hearing so much about are being unsealed. People are being put on trial in secret tribunals. These are military trials. They happen quickly. Some people are getting the death penalty.