The Council: The Experience of Time

council of light eraoflightdotcomYou have asked about the experience of time. Trying to explain this to you who live your lives within that construction, and time as you know it is a construction, could take up volumes. But it is a ‘fun’ question, and we have a couple of visuals for you to experiment with. So let’s try to show you at least a glimpse of what you will find. Here is the question, as asked.

“We hear a lot about how 3D is a linear experience. But it is very difficult, from this human perspective, to imagine a non-linear existence in which events do not follow one another in orderly sequence. Is there some equivalent experience of ‘time’ from the Council’s perspective?”

Let us say first that when you are not in body you have no problem with the time thing. You cannot now truly understand for one simple reason. You have entered a state that has an apparent beginning and an apparent end. You buy into this fiction. You were born. You will die. And death means to you a ceasing of life. Not so, but you don’t see past either end of that concept. True?

Now, for those who can see some befores, and perhaps some probabilities, the concepts of endlessness and timelessness are much easier. And there are more and more of you these days who have those memories and visions. Those people do not need explanations because they know.

You will reach that next state of consciousness soon enough if you wish to and if you can allow it. So, let us give you those visuals we spoke of.

What we want to illustrate for you is that you live in multiple dimensions, in multiple timelines, as multiple personalities all the time. This is not something that will come to pass. It is. You have chosen to focus on a particular experience. Sorry, but that is the reality.

For a first visual, imagine yourself standing in a very long corridor. This corridor has hundreds of doors down both sides. Walk to the first door on your right side. Open it and look inside. It doesn’t matter what you see in there. See anything you want. But think for a moment that all of the other doors have separate things going on inside, as well. All different. All at the same time. All real.

The illustration there is to show you that, from the perspective of ALL, everything is happening now. You are still a young child. You are still living in Europe 300 years ago. And you still speak fluent Chinese in the court of the emperor. You swim in the seas of Sirius. All now. The easiest way to understand this is to know that all is consciousness, and if something is in consciousness, it is always in consciousness.

Now close your eyes and see yourself as a child, on your favorite day, playing your favorite game, at your favorite place. Now close your eyes again and see yourself at another time in your life.

Well, you say, that was only my imagination. Really? Or was it time travel that you didn’t take the time to experience fully? Which is one of the differences between daydreams and deep meditation.

You see, all of those times, all of those places, in fact all times and all places, are accessible through your consciousness. Because there are no separations. And your existence is your ticket to ride.

That is reality from our perspective.

So how do I get there, you ask. This is going to be a process. It can take lifetimes. It can take days. Every one of you is standing in a different ‘place’. And you will start where you stand. It is possible that you carry around, in your subconscious, a few blocks to the process, a bridge or two to cross, a wall that you may have built at some time. It is also possible that it is just inside that first doorway.

So, you study. You learn methods. You go to teachers. You chase a goal all of your life. Maybe you ‘get there’.


You begin developing a relationship with the Higher Self, the Soul, the divine being that you know that you are. You trust that. And you ask to be shown. And then you live your life. This is not a casual ‘Oh, I can do that’ sort of a thing. This, done well, is a yearning in the heart and soul. This is a ‘however long it takes’ sort of thing. This is a ‘you steer. I ain’t doing it so well’ sort of thing.

You will be met. You must know that. You must know that.

Understand that you are on a path. You have always been. You always will be. It is not a trial. It is the ultimate joy ride. You get to learn and to be anything, everything.

“Are there things I can do, people I can meet, etc.?” Yes. No. You get to decide how you want to do this. If you truly want to find, and you allow it. You will find it in your path. If there are six, one will feel best. If another feels better later on, go with it.

It all exists now. All of the ‘failures’, that are not really failures, exist now. All of the euphoric epiphanies exist now. You have an ‘E’ ticket. Go for it.

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