Heavenletters: Upcoming Surprises

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, dearly Beloved, Seeker of Love and Wisdom, keep your heart flowing and blossoming and your heart as light as air with the essences of sweetness of flowers at your beck and call as love mills all over the happy Universe.

No heart is to carry the weight of heaviness nor darkness. All hearts are to be full of light and love. And this is it. This is the whole story as it is reported in Heaven. This is the whole story of God, and the whole story of God and life on its high-spirited way to you and the wondrousness of enlightenment. This is the true story of the flow of life and what is God-given to you without reservation. All is set full sail for you abounding.

Consider yourself My Initiate. You have rewards coming to you. Rewards sounds like such an earth-sodden word these days on the order of a sales pitch. This is not a spiel I give to you. I give you a true testament. I give you what is ordained for you. You are not in need. You are in a good place to receive far greater than pennies from Heaven, unassailably greater than pennies from Heaven – more like wonders from Heaven, more like Godliness from Heaven, more goodness than you will ever require, rather all that which I wish to pour down upon you, who are loved so richly that you will not be able to stop smiling or crying in joy – whatever the case may be.

There is greater than solace for you, My Truly Beloved.

There are no talks of per cents or liabilities. Now it is time for My One Child to receive the pure bounties of Heaven. This is how Heaven arrives as your birthright – your sweet desserts jotted down for you before you had a soupçon of Divine Happiness. You are just coming into bloom. I have been readying Divine Happiness for you – more than you ever contemplated, more than the world has ever begun to dream of. Here it comes, sliding down the Chute of Heaven. It lands on your lap as you rise to Heaven.

You will begin to see what God hath wrought for you.

Think of your happiest moments, and you will know only less than 1% of what is rounding the corner for you with such richness of love.

We are just beginning, Beloved. Your day of reckoning is just beginning. I have always known this. You are just beginning to know. And you don’t really know anything yet. You just have an idea of the landslide of love that is on its way to you.

Whatever you have been dreaming of, you are only at the bottom of the barrel. You are just beginning. You haven’t started yet. You are just peeking at the starting line.

All the beauty and beyond all the beauty you have ever known, more than this, is on its way to you. Your mouth has never smiled quite this wide. This is about the first time you have even heard a roar of the ocean or your foot touched the water.

Never again will your heart ever sink. Never again will you know what it is to weep unless We speak of weeping for joy!

This great celebration is beginning for you. Happiness greater than what you can imagine is on its way to you. Take note.

What is higher than sublime? What is higher than the highest mountain? What is as deep as the deepest ocean? What is as sweet as the sweetest honey? You have seen sweet surprises before. Wait until your next surprises. Get ready, get set, go – for greater yet are on their way to you. Here they come!


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff