Ashira: An Attunement; Ascending Energy & Your Vastness

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomLetting go of specifics can bring you home.

It’s a wonderful aspect of your innately multidimensional life, that when you focus in different ways you create different experiences.

Today we offer some words that you can feel into as you read, and use to tune to your vastness,

Generating your energy here, more fully,

Feeling more complete, whole, and satisfied.

Let go, lovely.

Let go, and open.

Feel the inner spaciousness.

Feel the light within you rising; always expanding.

Spacious, radiant, and whole.

Align there.

Tune there.

Focus there.

Be that.

Be that which you are.

True being arises within from this lighter focus on life, on living, on being here, from a

More general awareness.

In this softer, less focused state, you easily rise vibrationally.

Returning home.

Returning to your own ease and naturalness.

Live here.

Live in this space of your own making.

A space shaped by freedom and ease.

A space reflecting freedom and ease.
Feel the sequence of that.

A space shaped by freedom and ease.

A space reflecting freedom and ease.


Feel the sequence of that.

Memorize that knowing.

Let go more.

Let go further.

Let yourself be less specific in focus,

Become less specific in-form.

The vaster you is more general.

Less particular.

Fulfilled and whole, and continually expanding.

And yet, more broadly aware,

More expansive in focus.

And with that, in that consciousness as vibration,

Eternally free.


Happy with everything .

Delighted with it all.

As you become more you,

As you allow yourself to be more you,

Which is really just you, more fully…

You more completely expressed,

You feel better.

When you feel better,

What manifests feels better.

Feel the sequence of that.

Memorize that sequence.

This is the sequence that matters.

Most people live it backward,

And that creates a lot of effort,

Unhappiness and grief.

You can flip the sequence,

And knowingly shape the vibration.

Making how you feel matter most,

Knowing you are that – vibration in focus,

And as that – vibration in expression – you shape forms and

You determine manifestations,

Manifestations which are really just handpicked experiences;

You translating some energy into some sense arrangement

From a vast, infinite even, menu of options

All open to you.

Fulfill yourself with feeling

Make your mood the priority

Ease into sweetness and light,

Let go into softer focus and with that, lightness and comfort.

Relax more.

Smile more.

Savor more.

Dance in that space and let the world around you spiral into form

Responding to that energy

Joy inside and out.

Just a different way of living

But one that could be so sweet

And which you have experienced

Know well


And simple might

Yield to,


Like Now.
Feel your way home.

You can, you know.

Remember how to do that.

Memorize that sequence,

The one that works for you.

The words, the things to think about,

Pay attention to, imagine,

That expand you,

And dissolve this local sense of self.

Some words, some ideas, some thoughts, some places, people, music,

Experiences are easy ways into joy.

Build the habit of using those on-ramps

The ascending energy is flowing freely,

When you enter that flow,

Everything feels good.

Happens easily.

Suits you.

Go there often.

Remember how and remember to

Go home, vibrationally.

Enjoy your life!




» Source » Channel: Ailia Mira