Heavenletter: Oneness in Action

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, I know your Oneness like you know the nose on your face. You are just catching on to Oneness. You don’t yet know every inch or mountain of Our Oneness. Go ahead, take center stage. Express yourself now as far as your questions take you. You, valiant Godwriter, write!

At this moment, you, My Godwriter, informally speak and question and grasp that the words you write down come from a higher Consciousness and a bigger Source than your individual personality.

Ponder now outloud:

“Beloved God, now my fingers type on the keyboard, God, yet I also understand that it is You, God, Who furnishes every Godwriter the opportunity of making typos hand over fist. I guess my fingers are the culprit. I take the responsibility for this.

“More than this, I can’t believe that you require anyone to type manually on your behalf in the first place.

“You can just think, and the keyboard would automatically go to town. You don’t have to make effort. You are God. You created Earth and all that goes with it by Your desiring it in the first place. You didn’t rely on anyone else. All you had to do was to think your thoughts. That was it. I would think you would only want to think your thoughts right now, and, voila, a Heavenletter appears in perfect formation. You wouldn’t have to call on a mortal go-between. I would think You could just think Your thoughts and the keyboard would tap them out perfectly at Your request.

“It must be my fingers that fly on and off doing all this making of typos.

“Beloved God, all the touch-typing I took in night school when I was in high school, all that I was so good at – I have lost all this, lost my skill. What I was so good at has been forgotten in the heat of typing for You.

“I would be obliged if you would get my typing back to accuracy.

“Somewhere in my life, I heard something like this:

“In the question is the answer. I feel now that in my asking why You need an intermediary in the first place, the stenographer, a Human Being, now I get why you do or perhaps You personally do not need a stenographer. Of course you don’t for yourself. You don’t need. You desire. Of course, God, you desire your child’s Consciousness to grow. Each single Human Being on Earth is here on Earth for something. Everyone matters deeply and wildly to You, God. You desire Our Consciousness to awaken to its full realization, full steam ahead.

“You want Me, everyone, to know there is more to life than what I have seen before my eyes. You God, always knew We were One. I am just learning. You want me and everyone to recognize this knowledge more than anything and to seek and accept the world as I know it to be.”


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff