The Fire Salamanders and the Tree Collective of Nova Gaia: Nova Gaia

new earth eraoflightdotcomWe Fire Salamanders are. We are light. We dwell deep within the belly of the Mother and within you too, human. Whales store the codes. Fire Salamanders help ignite the codes. Are you ready to be ignited?

Neon bright, spinning light, fire embrace you now, this night.

We see humans hesitant in your new-found glory. Do not hesitate. Hesitation is not for the gods / goddesses. Hesitation is for learners, beginners of a trade. You are masters now, forming realms with fire of intention. Nova Gaia is formed. We partner with her daily to ignite the fire salamanders there with fresh fiery passion of purpose, of joy! For it fulfills our heart plan to breathe fire-life into things and make them new again. Just as now human you must listen, must find, your own heart song of joy. Be in joy. We see humankind as always seeking joy somewhere outside of themselves. Why is this? We do not understand this curious habit of the human world. Why seek outside entertainment when the codes of all life are brimming within you just waiting to be untapped? Why the discontent? No longer. Nova Gaia awaits you, beacons, nurses you, breathes new life into you. Breathe this in. Partner with us, the fire salamanders, should you so choose / desire. We will happily share our codes of light, of love, of joy with you to forge ahead confident in your creations. No more hesitation. That is all for now. Be strong. Be strong like the trees in Nova Gaia, towering giants of peace. Roots deep, they hold the codes of stillness, yet of growth and renewal. We are the fire salamanders. Be in peace.

We are the Tree Collective of Nova Gaia. Feel the fractal light shimmering through our branches high above you. Feel the fairy-kissed wind ruffle your tendrils, just as it ruffles our giant leaves, breathing peace into your frazzled morphing form. No longer is the old way needed. Leave it (laughing) behind you. Allow the newness of Nova Gaia into you now. Allow her sacred fruits, her crystal clear waters, her laughing dolphin and mermaid kingdoms to embrace you with yet more light. Climb up into our branches. No – fly! Fly up, high and fast, or slowly to enjoy every sacred moment. Find your tree. Sit in it, sit in me. Be embraced in my branches of light, of strength, of support. Rest in me. Swing from my branches with the children, light and carefree. No fear of falling here, no fear of heights, of anything. Bliss. Feel the light butterflies alight on your crown in blessing. Neon colors, they join forces with the fire salamanders in lifting your spirits. Your spirits lift high – so high – higher than the highest branch where you can eagerly look out and drink in the beautiful newness of the new. The animal sounds of joy, singing, chirping, a cacophony of golden light sounds blanket you in warmth.

Nova Gaia is sturdy, strong. Ready for you. Find your tree. Perhaps this is a good meditation spot for you here in this now? Perhaps it will bring you peace if you cement this into memory and pray here. Be here. Remember here. And Nova Gaia will begin to grow like a young sapling quickly becoming one of these sturdy ancient – yet new – tree friends – calling you home. Dappled light, warm gentle breezes, tropical air. These all await you. Yet, human friend, bring them to you now. You are the creators of this. Swirl them around you now. You are in the vortex of this. You are the Nova Gaians that we trees see fondly and send our love and support to this day. Welcome home. Come home to us often. Home is within you now for you have anchored the new, the Nova Gaia into your new brimming-over heart spaces. Fill them with light. The times of the old are past, are done. Are over. They serve you no longer. Be in this now. Let the old fall away like peeling bark that falls away and nourishes the new trees. Ground the now into our now – place – and be the bridge. The trees whisper. Do you listen? We whisper our love through our sunlit dappled branches that laugh gently in the wind. Do you hear? Do you see?

We are the Tree Collective of Nova Gaia whispering praise and joy this morning. You need only tap in and feel it for yourselves, which we highly encourage you to do. We love you. We will see you shortly. How shortly is up to you. Come see us every day! Come feel our presence of renewal, of growth, of joy. We are the Tree Collective of Nova Gaia. Peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl