Goddess of Creation: Love’s Vibration

divine mother eraoflightdotcomNama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you; you in the now moment knowing that I and all the other Angels and Light Beings are here for you. Any time you come into this space you are opening up that doorway that allows us to fill in the space; to fill in the energy for who you are.

This is a wonderful time upon the Earth because as you move into the couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day everyone is talking about love and relationships. Therefore, as that opens up the door to that energy, and all that energy is flowing and circulating around, it gives all of us the potential to tap into that love. The potential to take it in whatever direction is best for you.

I know that any holiday can bring up quite a different reaction for people. Sometimes what brings one person excitement and joy brings another person sorrow. No matter what your reaction, whenever there is a vortex or a dump of energy so to speak that comes into the collective consciousness take it as an opportunity to support you allowing you to move in whatever direction you seek.

There is only love. How many times have you heard me sharing that phrase with you? And when you think about it there is only love. It is the foundation for everything within your life. As time and transition moves through the focus upon the Earth frequently goes through cycle, upon cycle, upon cycle. There are of course those massive cycles that cover thousands of years. Even in your own current lifetime, there are cycles that cover days, weeks, months, years. Consider what that is for you as we move into this time of love, this time of a new beginning, of a fresh beginning. Allow your energy to experience whatever that may be.

So beloved I wanted to take a moment and speak of love as you are here grounded upon the Earth. Instead of thinking of love as it reflects out to others think of the love as it is you. Here you are in this life. Most likely some things are great and some things not so great, but no matter what it is that is happening within your life, or no matter what pathway you may be finding, you are always at the center of your life.

Therefore, the relationship that you have from the beginning to the end is that relationship that is within you. For this day or these weeks when people speak of love honor yourself. Receive the love for yourself from within you so that can fill up every part of you. It can fill up your consciousness, your heart, all of who you are.

You are love. You are the essence of God, Goddess and all that is created. Let that move forward as the foundation in your life. For many, many of you this is already the case. Therefore acknowledge, yes, I’ve done my work, yes, I’m open, yes I’ve received that. And I would therefore I would like to go to wherever that next phase maybe. Perhaps a deeper understanding. Perhaps an opening up to your other senses. Perhaps a transitioning in the relationships around you.

Wherever you are on that spectrum be you. Be your true authentic self and the way to know who you are is that flow of the love, and the light, and the energy that fills you up from Source and Source is you as your Soul.

I invite you to breathe deeply once more sending that vibration and that energy down into the Earth. As you send it down from your heart center it moves down. Because you do this so often it just naturally flows into and around whatever alignment you have with Gaia. As these energies move into the Earth allow yourself to feel the support, and feel how you are anchored, and understand who you are. Let all of that flow of energy come back up through you. It comes back up through your physical body. It goes out through the top of your head. You find yourself aligning with your Higher Self.

Take a moment and just consider what is this place for me. You may feel, senses; like a sense of various energies flowing in and around you. Some people that are visual may see pictures of things. This is a place where you come as you seek answers in your life, or as you look for alternatives, or look to problem solving experiences.

As you are ready to do so you let go that space allowing that stream of energy that comes from your physical body; it moves up until it merges with your Divinity. As you feel yourself connecting open up. It’s as if your Consciousness and your Divinity come together merging as one. As this energy moves back and forth there is a flow or a vibration that allows your Consciousness to expand even further.

I am shown an image from many years ago when we began these journeys that your Divinity was as if it was something off in the distance. It was as if it was perhaps a Sun or something that was across a void and now whether you have just begun these journeys or you have been doing them for years your Divinity is right here. It is blended with you and you have full access of all of what that is. No matter what you perceive or even if you have no sense of connecting. You are connected and it is still here filling up this space with love, with support, with acknowledgment for who you are. The wave of love that just moves through you moves down through that core, that alignment, moving all the way through who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out and merge my energies with yours. As I do so it immediately transforms moving up in the space in the Soul Plane into that space in the All That Is. Within the All That Is there are many, many levels of dimensions; different levels of consciousness; different (how do we call them) segments that are in a vibrational alignment with whatever people are going through.

This space is filled with love. This is a space of creation that is associated with transforming the human experience through merging with the Divine. Other parts of the All That Is may have a greater focus upon confrontation. Other parts may be more associated with the experiences that people have through that third dimensional living or the ego.

For those of you who have been here, or even if this is your first time actually, open up your consciousness and feel that how even the All That Is has transitioned so dramatically throughout the years. This space has also risen in its vibration because you as humanity, and the people that come here to be within this space, are creating that continual change that is moving through.

Energy is movement. The crystalline vibration that is represented in that 5th dimensional vibration is a transformation that uplifts you when you are in the vibration or the spirit of love. I hear from people that say I don’t really think that I have that much love in my vibration. Or perhaps, “I am all alone”, “I feel lonely”, “I feel separated”. Other comments that we hear is, “I really want to transition and I really want to be in another vibration, however, I don’t know that I’m there because I don’t always feel the love”. If you allow yourself the opportunity to experience love be it intentional, physical, emotional; no matter how you have the intention to experience love you have the link into the 5th Dimension.

The earth has transformed dramatically. There are many who still debate that. However, the 5th dimensional vibration was not available to people in just a general format until the last 10 years. Think about where you were 10 years ago. Was the 5th dimension the focus of your thoughts and your reality? Probably not. However, it was the focus for thousands and millions of Light Workers living upon the Earth. Star Beings, Angels, all levels of consciousness people have been working very diligently to clear out the vibrations that pull people down and to flood more, and more, and more of the 5th dimensional energies to the Earth.

At the beginning, as we would bring in the crystalline vibration it was as if it was coming in small little bursts because there was not enough vibrational balance for it to integrate. At this time, if you take a look around, you see that there is a constant flow of the crystalline vibration and the crystalline light that is moving into the Earth Plane. This is why so much is changing.

Let us speak of love. Let us speak of love as it is reflected here within the All That Is. As we look around this space there are more colors pinks, blues, magenta’s, yellows and these colors it is as if they flow one into another expressing a movement of whatever someone is thinking. So, if you wish to go within yourself think of something and then open up your consciousness to perceive what happens around you.

What I saw as I invited people to do this was there were some that had these huge waves that were then surrounding them. Others had these very subtle movements that were taking place. Others were saying, “I don’t see anything, I don’t sense anything, I don’t feel anything”. However, even if you did not have a perception of movement. Movement did take place around you.

This is an important thing to consider in your life. Most of humanity responds to what they know. Many people if it is it outside of their knowledge or their belief systems will say okay, sure, I don’t know what that is, but I believe in the potential. Then there are very many people that if it is outside their comfort zone or their belief it creates fear in them and it causes them to pull back. In this now moment whether you see, sense, or know the flow of these beautiful energies around you I ask you to open to that potential whether you see it, sense it, or not; that this love, this light, and this vibration is flowing around you.

Ah yes you can feel and see it now. If nothing else many people feel as if they have just received a hug. This is a hug from your Divinity, a hug from the Universe, a hug from all the love and the light that is present.

Consider your life. Is there something that you have been trying to either change, manifest or transform, but because it is very different from your reality it is hard to comprehend what it is so that you can integrate it. In this now moment let us bring in unconditional love, unconditional light and let it flow through you in wave upon wave, upon wave so as it does so if there is any fear you can transform that fear, replacing it with love.

In your belief systems invite you to integrate something new. “I may not know exactly what it looks like to have… You can fill in a blank with whatever it is you want. However, I open to the love and the light of my own Divinity so that I feel comfortable and confident as I move towards this change”. Okay, okay; there is a sense that that is too long. However, that does set up the groundwork for our next new belief system, because if you can allow these to flow through every part of your consciousness, your physical, your non-physical being you are creating huge change and potential within your life.

“I am open to transform… You can insert whatever you want to transform. I await with confidence as I move through the process of receiving”. I felt like that resonated was some of you. For those that would like it even simpler. “I am love. There is only love. I, therefore, live love or live as love.” With each one of these three new thought patterns, I could see transitions taking place within you. The ego or the mind in an attempt to understand something will create barriers or will create these immense experiences. However, love balances all.

I invite you to just have this moment as if you were just relaxing back and all around you are those colors, and those waves, and the energy of love. Feel as if you are just suspended in this space and as love is moving through you. It is as if every breath you take in you breathe love; you breathe love down within you. Everything is supporting you from the outside has a foundation that is only love. Let it move into you, let it transform and let it fill you up.

As each one of you integrates more and more of this within you, I can sense this deeper and deeper relaxation that is moving through. From within the cells in your body, to the muscles, to the ligaments, from every piece and part of who you are allow the vibration of love to be you.

The more that you allow yourself to just soak up this energy you will begin to recognize that the way you look at life will transform; the way that you look at yourself will transform; the relationships that you have will transform. All of this opens you to those potentials that you have been seeking. You are now in the vibration to receive. I invite you to also be aware that that vibration may bring things to you differently than you anticipated. Therefore, always go into the vibration or the essence of what you seek to have.

I invite you to come back gathering together as a group. Many of you still have more than you are experiencing and wish to stay within this space. So, stay as long as you choose. We will however gather those together that create that circle and I invite you each to have that sense of sending love from your consciousness into the circle and it just kind of bounces off the rest of the group. As love encounters love it keeps growing getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, the group expands coming up within this group is the Hologram of the Earth.

As this Hologram is coming within this vibration of pure love it is creating a rebalancing effect. As that takes place the Hologram itself begins to sparkle. There’s that part of it that goes out into the Universe and the rest of it goes down, following that pathway, returning to the Earth. As the Hologram comes into the vibration of the Earth it is as if it expands, surrounding the entire Earth, the core essence, going down into the center of the Earth. From there it is anchoring these new belief systems. It is anchoring this huge wave of love. It is anchoring the higher vibrations that have been coming into the Earth. It moves up throughout all the layers of the Earth and those that were yours come up within you from where you were to Gaia.

As you feel your own energies allow that vibration to move through. It is as if it comes up within your core, transitioning your cells, so that that vibration of love moves through your entire body from cell, to cell, to cell. The vibration with all of those beliefs systems, everything is moving through you.

The remainder of those energies come up through the rest of the Earth. It is moving into many, many, people be it conscious or unconscious. As that flows through it is transitioning and clearing out the collective consciousness. So that a greater amount of its vibration and love is integrated within all aspects of the Earth.

As you continue to anchor allow your own vibration to bring down from the consciousness that that comes through your Divinity, your Higher Self so that you yourself are balanced with the Divine and the Earth. It all comes together moving through you, through each one of your energy bodies filling you with love and the vibration of the entire dimensions. Let that radiate out from you so that you are sending out into your environment that balanced love energy. It is setting up to send and receive all that is within balance all that is love.

As you walk on the earth and the vibration of love open to how it’s going to transform your physical body. As you walk upon the Earth radiating out love it is just in your Aura; it is just going out to each and every situation. You allow that vibration to simply be that it is what it is. See how your life evolves. Open to what potentials will flow your way. Be love; the vibration, the expression, the state of being, let all your life be love.

Beloved family I’m always with you and within you.



» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel