Mary Magdalene: You Are The Light Of The World

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcomGreetings Dear One, it is I, Christ. Yes, I wish to call in the energy of the resurrection flame once again. For it is of grave importance to understand that the power of the resurrection flame is indeed a viable flame of the eternal flame of resurrection. It is what brought forth the healing of my energies and my frequencies after my crucifixion, and now we call in the energy of the resurrection flame to begin to resurrect the energies on this planet. It is indeed quite unfortunate that the energy of negativity and the energy of suppression and the energy of fear are prevalent upon your earth plane.

It is indeed sad to witness that the beautiful spirits who have come to this planet, to Mother Gaia, are in deep despair, crying out to return to oneness, but are living in separation from themselves and from this planet. And I, Yeshua, step forward with the energy of my beloved Mary Magdalene, and we call in the energy of sacred balance, so that all souls can return to their original state of oneness and beauty and remembrance of their spirit. There is indeed a separation within the consciousness of humanity, where the energy of fear and what we call distrust in the human condition, in the human mind, is affecting so many. So many becoming distrustful, angry and fearful, and it is like a cancer spreading in the hearts of many, feeling this discontent, anger and negativity that is rumbling throughout the world. It is as if it is spreading like wildfire, and we come now to bring forth the resurrection flame to extinguish the flame of negativity and fear, to extinguish the fire of the hatred, the warring, the violence that is held within the hearts and minds of so many.

Yet Dearest Children there are so many beautiful souls and spirits who are awakening to their true divinity. Who are helping humanity to uplift their consciousness, and in this we are pleased, in this we are grateful, in this we are thankful, that those spirits have chosen to reconnect to their beautiful energy of oneness. We come now to begin to extinguish the anger, the negativity, the critical nature that is held within human consciousness. This is the energy of many who are not at peace, and who do not understand that peace resides within the heart, the mind, the soul, and within the beautiful essence of their spirit. Peace is truly their birthright. All that is occurring upon this earth plane is merely what we call an illusion, it is not of truth. Begin to take a deep breath my children, and begin to breathe in this frequency of the resurrection flame. Begin to allow it to transmute all negativity, fear, and anger. And begin to transmute all that is not of love and peace that resides within your mind, your heart and your soul. Let it be transmuted into love. Letting go and letting God. Allowing your beautiful light to shine, your heart to open to the energy of peace. Allowing your heart to open to the resurrection of love. Feeling the essence and presence of joy as you begin to transmute all that no longer serves you, and as you begin to feel this peace surrounding your physicality and emerging into your subtle light bodies, and extending out into your merkabic field, that peace, love and healing be the energy that is now prevalent upon this earthplane. Peace, love and healing. Allowing all souls to awaken to the true essence of their being, awakening to love. Return to love.

Dearest Children of the Light, begin to feel this presence of the living light of God within the essence of your being. Feel the energy of the Living Light of God returning to the essence of your being, letting go and letting God. Return this energy into the essence of your being, and truly Dearest Children begin to feel this frequency of tranquility that is now beginning to heal the world. We are emitting this frequency of healing to begin to heal the world. So that humans can now be at peace. For you see, Dearest Children, the energy on the planet has shifted and the frequencies are shifting as we speak. The energies are moving forward into light and into love, and into tranquility. More and more souls now are beginning to awaken to this frequency as it becomes palpable, as people begin to feel the peace, and so we are sending out the clarion call of all the angelic beings of light, and Archangel Michael’s legion of spiritual warriors are coming to clear the darkness upon this planet. To clear the negativity and to bring healing so that this beautiful planet can return back to the planet in which it was created, in which it was designed. This is of truth, Dearest Children, this planet will return back to the planet of love in which it was created and in which it was designed. I ask you, Dearest Ones, to breathe. Breathe in this frequency as you begin to ignite and feel the energy of Planet Venus, the planet of love, now sending her waves upon waves of energy to planet earth, assisting her beloved sister planet, helping the earth and its many souls to be at peace.

You are at a pivotal point in time, and it is a turning point, and those souls that are coming forward, who say yes, I choose peace, will begin to feel this within their bodies, minds, hearts and souls, even more powerfully than ever before. I ask you to breathe it in, so that you begin to feel it within your body, within your mind, within your spirit. Begin to breathe this frequency of peace within your being, letting go and letting God. Allow your beautiful light to shine, feeling the essence and presence of peace, love and joy.

I ask you Dearest Children of the Light, can you feel the energy within you now beginning to shift? Can you feel my hand opening your heart? Can you feel my mother’s energy opening up your heart? My beloved Mary Magdalene is standing in front of you opening your crown chakra, so that you may begin to feel the energy of the Great Godhead. Begin to feel the strength of your spirit, and feel the power of your soul, knowing that you have come to this planet to bring love, light and healing. First for yourself, and then onto another.

Today as you feel this frequency of the resurrection flame, begin to transmute all that no longer serves you, transmute it into love. Transmute all darkness into love, and do not allow other peoples’ negativity, criticism or fear to control you or to rule you, or to allow you to no longer be at peace. You are here by divine appointment, and you are here to receive. You are here to love, you are here to receive, you are here to love, you are here to love. This is what is happening upon our planet, Dearest Ones, you have called and we have come. So many of the light bearers are calling forth, some in desperation, some in anticipation, some with expectation that peace shall prevail. Know that legions upon legions of beings of light, angelic presences, and your galactic brothers and sisters are here infusing this energy upon this planet. So, Dearest Ones, know that the truth. You are making a difference and you are changing the world by holding your intention to be at peace. Regardless of what is happening around you. Whatever others are doing, saying or believing, you are holding the intention of peace and love, knowing that the light will heal all, and you are connected to the Great Creator. You have the power to make a difference, and the power to change the world.

You are the light of the world. You have the power to change and to create and to manifest all that is in order and that should be. You have the power to make the change within your life and upon this earthplane. As you change your consciousness, and you change your negativity, and you change your fear, you are able to power forward and bring peace to this plane, bring peace to your own life. Truly, Dearest Children, you are the change you wish to see. Let go and let God.

We are always with you, we always stand beside you, and we do not want you to be overcome by what you believe is truth. What you see if your media, what you feel within the world. Know that love will heal all. I ask you to take a deep breath, and place the pink ray of light over your energy field, and all those you love and over this beloved planet and all souls. As you surround yourself truly with the energy of peace, love and tranquility. Today as you enter into this beautiful state of re-remembering, that you truly are a beautiful spirit that has chosen to come to this earth plane. Each day as you remember this and as you re-affirm this, that you have come to make a difference on this earth plane, this is why you are here. This is your purpose, you have come to assist this planet. Regardless of what else you believe you have come to do, your primary purpose is to serve the Living God and to serve Mother Gaia, and anything less than that is totally and completely an illusion. This is your primary purpose, and as you hold your alignment to serving and being served, and you will remain in alignment to your true purpose, your true passion, and this will bring you peace, this will bring you comfort, this will bring you love. As you stay in alignment, you are here by Divine appointment, and regardless of what you feel you are doing or not doing, you are indeed serving, because you are holding the living light of peace, holding the flame of resurrection, holding the eternal flame of love. For this is the eternal flame of love, the resurrection flame. It is the resurrected light of God’s essence for every soul to ascend and return back to oneness.

Today, Dearest Children of the Light, as you stand in the power and in the remembrance of who you truly are, may you feel the peace and tranquility upon your soul. Peace be with you. Truly, Dearest Children of the Light, you are holding this powerful frequency, and allow it now to begin to embody into every cell, fiber and pore of your being. Begin to heal the wounds of the past, the wounds of the present, and begin to clear the negativity that perhaps you may hold within your energy field, and the fear, doubt and confusion. Now bring the vibration of love into your heart, and allow your heart to feel at one with all of life, with all that is, with the energy of hope, faith and renewal. You see, Dearest Ones, all is truly in order and all is as it should be. The soul’s journey continues on, and the soul of the planet continues on. It is time for the soul of Mother Earth and the soul of humanity to return to oneness. To feel this balance, just as the energy that is felt by those who live in the underground city of Telos, underneath Mt. Shasta, the beautiful souls live in harmony with all of life. They have mastered their own spirit essence, and so can you, as you live on the surface of this planet, you too can master your own spirit. You can master your own emotions, you can master your soul’s journey by simply allowing and trusting without judging, without fearing, without feeling second best, without a sense that you have no control.

Dearest Ones, it is all a choice. Believe and so you shall receive. As you believe, and know that peace will prevail upon this planet, then your intentions, the purity of your heart will bring peace to all those who are suffering. Know that you are in control, and you are being guided by your own spirit, your own spirit is guiding you. You may not know the way, but the way knows you. The way of your spirit knows how to guide you in your life’s journey. You are here by divine appointment to bring peace and love to this planet. When you were called forth as the earth volunteers, coming forth during the original clarion call to assist this planet to awaken. You were eager, and you knew and believed that you could serve the living God and assist Mother Gaia. Somewhere along the line you became separate in your belief and have become disillusioned, for it seemed to be too difficult, overwhelming, not feasible. You are not capable, you did not know how, and on and on it goes. We ask that you call the resurrection flame in again, Dearest Children, and all this energy into your being. Know that you have the power, you have the passion, you have the commitment to be the change you wish to see. Your soul is resurrected again, and the power is renewed within you, your passion is renewed, and your understanding is renewed, this is why you have come to this planet.

Do not give up, do not be afraid, do not fear. All is in order and all is as it should be. Truly, Dearest Children, you hold more power than you realize, and we stand with you, my Mother, my Mary, and all the beings of Light, Archangel Michael and the legions of warriors, and all of the Galactic Brothers and sisters are surrounding this planet and you, infusing this energy of peace, tranquility and love. So that humanity can feel, embrace and embody it, and no longer hold on to the illusion of separateness. So, Dearest Ones, feel my energy awakening your heart, so that you step forward into your own power and step forward into the light of God. You have returned back home again in your consciousness, home, where there is peace and tranquility upon your soul. Truly know that all is in order and all is as it should be. Peace and tranquility upon your soul. Know, Dearest Ones, the presence of God’s light within your heart.

Go forward understanding the truth of who you are, and feeling the light emerging from your soul, emerging from your physicality, from your eyes, from your mere presence, that you are indeed the light of the world. Remember, Dearest Children, to use the resurrection flame, it is the eternal flame of life, resurrecting your mind, body and soul. You are able to resurrect the planet so that she may return to peace. Go now my children, for all is in order and all is as it should be. My mother and my Mary stand with you, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the love that you have brought forward. Remember, Dearest Children, you are the resurrected energy. I AM that I AM. I am the resurrected light of God’s living presence.

Dear Sons and Daughters, begin to call this in and feel the peace and the love and the tranquility upon your soul, knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. You are powerful spirits, you have come to this planet to serve and to be served. I say, Dearest Ones, accept our gift at this time of reawakening the remembrance of who you are, and the power of all that you hold. Go forward in the understanding that you are beautiful spirits who have chosen to come to this earthplane to serve and to live in balance and oneness. This is the truth of who you are. Go now, my Dear Ones, and feel the presence of God’s living light within your soul. Feel the peace as it centers within your heart. Feel the energy of Great Central Sun anointing you as you return back to oneness, and the beauty of your powerful spirit. This is a powerful day, go forward my children and be at peace, and know that you are loved, loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension. We stand with you, we stand beside you, and we have not forsaken you or the planet. The time is now for peace to return to the hearts and minds of all souls, and no longer shall there be fear or negativity, or war and violence upon this planet. This is a time of great transition, as the resurrection flame is united again upon the planet, go forward in peace and be still and know that you are loved.


» Source » Channel: Lea Chapin