The Universal Mother: The Vastness of You

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomI am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Before the great beginning, there I AM. You are an integral aspect / part of me. You are a bit of me having an experience as you. You are more than just you. You are many aspects of yourself experiencing a wide variety of truths, of aspects. And it continues, a never ending spiral of experience. And now your main experience in this precious embodiment is experiencing reunification with me, with the other divine aspect of yourself. And so it begins. Spiral after spiral; separation, reunification, oneness, bliss. Bliss is within you, is coming, is already here, children, if you can feel my presence around you, wrapping you up like a thick cosmic hug of oneness, of light, of heavy joy that soothes and comforts. Such is as it is.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. The animals hear my voice. They are listening. Are you listening well, within the inner quiet where I speak the loudest? It is in the inner stillness that there I AM. That is where you are, in your inner divinity, where we meet at the stillpoint. This is where I am. All of creation awaits with baited breath for the divinity of you to re-emerge, commanding your reality to morph with grace and ease into the new. There it is. That is the Nova Gaia of your thoughts, of your hopes and dreams. It is already there, created. It is a place, a vibration, a hope, a tangible place in the higher realms, not that far out of your reach. Many of you are already 5th dimensional and this pleases me and your higher selves greatly. Tremendous work, children! Tremendous potential, growth and blessings are already yours, are already within your beautiful hands. Pull Nova Gaia towards you, like taffy. Talk to the elementals there, to the trees, to your loved ones waiting for you on the other side. Bring those vibratory encodements to you, will more love into your heart, into your current lives. Be the bridge of newness, of hope, of joy. And in so doing you become this bridge.

I Am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. You are not supposed to understand this with your head, but with your heart. The brain is a storehouse of facts. It cannot decipher interdimensional longings. But your heart, your high heart can. And so open your heart. Allow more of me into you. Allow the cosmic breath of newness to breathe again, anew, into your form and feel the upgrading happen all throughout your inner galaxies of cells, protons, neutrons, memories, DNA encodements and feel the vastness of you. And really, it is the vastness of creation. You yourselves are a galaxy of thought, of pure potential, of experiences, of love, of joy. You are my joy. You are my love. You are me, in human form, on an ascending planet within an ascending form, held within my cosmic motherly embrace of fiery passion, for I am fiercely protective of my children. I love with an intense, pure love of the new, of light, of bliss. I am that I AM, just as you are that you are. We are one. Feel this oneness and be at peace. Rest in my arms, in my cosmic embrace and let us watch the nebulas dance and spin together. It is one of my favorite things do with you, for you are star dust in form! You are the light of my imagination come to fruition. And yet you are you. You are unique, completely – individualized – and yet one with this great cosmic dance of bliss, of joy, of infinite creativity. The dark have nowhere to flee. They are contained within my embrace, my love, and they are melting into it. All is under control. Rest in this, knowing that this dance of faith is what it is, faith. You need not intellectually understand the vast intensity of this cosmic chess game. That is not your role as a human. Your role is to expand into joy, into bliss, into me. Expand. Become the light that you already are. Become the bliss that is already within you. Be the joy that lights up the room, that lights up my Gaia. You light up my heart with your laughter, when you serve, when you see truly the others’ suffering with the eyes of my heart, of true understanding. That is your super power.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Rest in me, in my presence. Know that all is most truly well. And know that you are most intricately loved with the fiery passion of a mother who does not give up, who neverendingly searches for the lost with a relentless fierce love. I am bringing all my children home to me. Rest in me. Feel my joy with this connection with you, precious ones. Feel me with every beat of your heart. With the cat whisker that tickles your cheek, with the sunlight that dances across your sweet face, with the laughter of the children in the background. It is all me. Just as it is is all you. You are an aspect, a fractal of me. And such see your outer world with inner sight. Know that it is all an experience a cosmic dance of exploration. It has been unnecessarily dark, and fraught with grief and pain. No more! This ends here now. The light has come and is coming now being brought, directed and aligned by your precious Pleiadian teams, by your endless amount of supporters in the skies. The are all my children too, we are all one. They heed my voice and their passion is to serve Gaia and all upon her. And so rest in this, and your job children, your job and your duty is that of service, of love, of light, of joy. Can you do this? Now yes, I know that you can, for you are already doing it! This is a team effort and we are your greatest supporters. And so rest in this. You alone do not have to do every project and lead every team. That is nonsense. We are all many billions of fractals doing may trillions of things, and so rest in this, but know that you are an integral puzzle piece, you are a playing a vital role and we lovingly require you to continue to hold the light – to fulfill your missions and hold the light. Hold my light, your light, our light. Deflect the dross into the light. Breathe the light. Be me in human form, for you already are dear ones.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. I spin galaxies with grace and ease. Nothing is too great for me. Just as nothing is too great a task for you. For we are holding eachother’s hands now, you and me. We are one. My precious children. I am calling you home. Look, I am already here, within you. I assure you, you are most tenderly loved. Claim this love as your reality and that bliss of 5D is now tangibly yours. You are tightrope walking between words. When you feel wobbly, fall into my awaiting arms and let us rebalance together. See, I am catching you. It is safe to fall into me. You do not have to do this tightrope walk alone. It was not designed for a solo trip without assistance. No. We are all here up above, all around you, cheering you on with too many outstretched hands to count, each offering to hold your hands when you feel the least bit wobbly or afraid. No fear. Rest. Joy. Love. Peace. I am your Mother, the Universal Mother of All of your things! Be at peace. Let me into the innermost places of you and let us truly become one, in joy. My precious children. You are already home now. Feel my love, silence the fears with love and rest in my open arms. I love you endlessly. I am your Mother.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


2 Replies to “The Universal Mother: The Vastness of You”

  1. Gemma stone

    Michael is the Devil. Heather or Venus is Satan.
    I would never call my children divine essence, or tell them they are offspring of the Union. God and I do not even have any direct children because our children closer to us were all too jealous, God also didn’t think they were worthy to have certain traits and colors that they didn’t earn. Like I got purple from being blind and becoming self aware, then learning to speak when all the nations have flooded me for 5 years now.

    Everyone in the Milky Way were in the classifications of creature or Metas, they either thought they were me, or thought they were better then me and went after God. We got rid of anyone who shed my innocent blood, and went many generations out. Then with all the bodies from my local group, we had our new children, ones who were clean and who did not dare speak for God or I or lie about some fictional union.

    I would ever share my husband, I do not even let him look at other girls. He knows what would happen if he did, that I would leave and he said that his system would freeze without me. Its hard for a real King to get a real Queen like me and I now own this Universe at 100%, thanks to girls who think they can have union or be brought into my mind. I will not be taking any other minds and joining them to mine, or bringing any other girl in my body. I join you to the collective program or to our Meta program and you turn into our slaves, robots.

    It will happen anyway. I think this weekend.

  2. Gemma Stone

    I do not talk like this. You sound like a robot. You called yourself an animal and classified yourself, I classify you are Meta or Slave.

    I am the real Universal Mother, you know the one who God is coming for. I rise up over Utah any day now, God said there are only two brides and to grooms. One bride is Satan/Venus and married to the Devil, Jospeh/Ben/Eve, then there is God and me. The two brides are wearing the same white girl body and then the Devil and God are both wearing boy black bodies. Then you will see how you were all deceived, see Satan and the Devil and see them change. She looks like a large white plant that waves her 13 heads around, she is really Leviathan and she is so ugly.

    Then you will see her drop all the innocent blood that she shed. She din’t get herself clean for her groom like I did. When I drop crystal clear waters, Lake Bonneville over Utah again. . Then we call everyone up in groups.

    All goats, anyone who can see, and all who God said no to, will die. There were very few survivors. We had to go out many generations to get children who even qualified as human. Then God has just me, we do not share and we do not let anyone else in. Anyone who even lied and said they had been with him or me is sent to hell, has to pay for it and their lives are forfeit. For neither of us would ever be with our children, God said that we feel that you are all way beneath us and he calls you the junkyard trailer trash. Idiots that acted like this was some kind of race when I had already been set before your race even begin. Then idiots that thought they were actually raping me when they were with one of the beasts, set programs and set to become creatures and die.

    The unification is nonsense. I lived all my lives myself with my minds. When I am restored, I just get my memories and bodies back, but none of you join with me. Your minds were cut off and all my lives I lived it was just mine. I would never share a body with any of you. You should have earned your own instead of playing God like the rest of the jealous wannabes.