Yeshua: The Value Of Love

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved one, now we will speak of love, the value of love.

Why would you seek love? Because truly, from the time you take form, you are looking for love. You want to know, “Where can I find it? How can I keep it? I want to be loved, and I want to give love.”

You know the feeling which happens when you are in love, when you are in the space of love with a project that you are working on, with a poem, with another person, with a beloved pet. You are allowing the boundaries of what you have said is yourself to be relaxed for a moment or so or even longer, and you are allowing yourself to expand into the vibration which is your true divine nature, the nature of love.

Now, cast your mind back to a time when you fell in love with someone, when there was nothing else in the world except that one person and you felt that you were in the flow with that one, either human or four-footed. You are in love with that one, and the heart opens. You feel yourself to be more than just the personage of one individual. You feel yourself to be expansive and to be in the place which does not know boundaries, at least for a moment or so and perhaps longer, because that feeling is what you are searching for.

You know the feeling of Home. You know the feeling from whence you have come, supposedly. Now, you have never left Home. It is you, the divine You, and you are in it all of the time, but there are times when your attention is brought to something that seems to be outside of you.

When you feel that you have fallen in love with someone, what you have done is to take down the boundary of what you have said, “Well, this is myself, and this is you, and I am in love with you.” At the same time, always and forever, you are One with that one —always and forever. In truth—now hear this well—you are making what you see the other one to be.

So if you would know love in your life, live in love. Say, “Whatever my eyes see, whatever my heart opens to, I am in love with that,” because you are. That is where you live. That is where you exist, is in love. All of the rest of it is just extraneous. Love is your true nature. Even when you see what is termed a stranger, they are not a stranger to you. They are a being that you know very well; otherwise, they would not be within your reality You know them from before time began, because time is a construct.

News flash: There are realities that do not know time. They are not under the pressure of “have to”—have to be at a certain place at a certain time and, “My goodness, I’d better hurry up to get there.” There are realities that just are—no measure of time, no judgment of time, just existence (hopefully) in love. It is what you are making for yourself. Does it have value? Oh, yes. And the more you connect with it, the more value you feel, being in love.

You are coming into the realization now that everything that surrounds you is heavenly, is of the angelic realm. The angels, they are you. They come, they work with you, and the more you invite them to be within your consciousness, within your awareness, the more you will feel them. It cannot be otherwise. Always they travel with you everywhere you go. Always, love travels with you and wants to be turned on at any time. All you have to do is to say, “I am in love.”

Nothing truly can penetrate the love that you surround yourself with. Now, yes, there are times when you walk outside of that love for a moment or so. But the clue to knowing the love that you are is the smile. Every time you smile, you open the door to recognizing love; recognizing the love that you are and that other ones are.

Many of the brothers and sisters are looking for love. Many of the brothers and sisters feel that if they can find someone who will love them, it will make them complete. They are already complete, but as you smile at them, as you are happy being with them…now, I know there are ones who make it a little more difficult because of their attitude, but as you will keep being in love yourself, it is contagious.

The answer to all of the ones who are looking for love is to begin giving it. That is the secret. You will probably want to tell them that Truth at some point if they ask, and they are always asking. There are ones who want to find love. Suggest to them that they love whoever stands in front of them, even ones who are giving them the “hard time”. Love that one, because if you can love that one who seemingly is giving a hard time, you can love anyone. At least that is how humans understand it.

If there is someone who seems to be really rubbing you the wrong way, try smiling at them. Be in good spirit when you are speaking with them. Really, if you have to, look for their good points, but you do not even have to do that much. Just press the inner button that says, “Love coming forth; watch out.” You have that button with you all the time, and anytime.

Be happy. You have known that slogan, and it is the secret. It costs nothing except the decision to practice doing it. I know that at first it seems, “Well, I’m just kind of play-acting.” Go for it. Play-act. See if it feels good.

The human mind has been taught to analyze, to take everything apart and wonder what is going on. “How can I make it better?” The human mind is a bit of a trap. The human heart—now, I am not talking about the physical, but I am talking about the heart of love which resides within you. All you have to do is turn it on. Allow it to be expressed, and you will see miracles.

Already you are seeing that, because when ones come up to you and they are so upset about something, you are very kind to them. You smile as much as you can and you take care of whatever they think the problem is, and you acknowledge them. That is truly what they are looking for. They want to be acknowledged, but they think there has to be a reason that they have to come up to you and you will make it right for them.

All you have to do with anyone is to smile at them and to love them, because that is what they are looking for. That is what they feel they are missing.

What is the value of love? It is without price. It is value of itself. Is it healing? Yes, it is healing. It is healing to the situation. It is healing to the body. You have ones who…you have an example, a story, a very true story of one who is well known who was suffering from what they call terminal illness. He went to a hotel, stayed there and watched funny movies all day long; found himself laughing; found himself feeling happy; found himself not worrying about his “condition”. What happened? He got well. He left the hotel. He went out and lived a long life after that, a happy life, because he lived in love. He lived in a place of knowing his value, and the value was love.

Now, you come into the world with certain pre-conceived ideas. You bring with you a certain remembrance of vibration, even as the small one, and you see this if you are a parent of several small ones in the family. There will be one who comes in to human expression and is crying and just will not stop for six months. Another one in the same family comes in and is quiet, is looking around, “Where is this place? What is new here?” and is smiling, because there is so much to discover. Same family, same biological genes, and yet a different way of looking at this new life to be explored and understood.

Those of you who are of large families, those of you who have had many in the family, you have seen quite a variety. And as they grow, they develop their own characteristics, which brings me to a very good point. You may have the small one who is feeling from the very beginning that everything is wrong and the body hurts and it is feeling, “I’m hungry; I want this; it doesn’t feel comfortable.” They do not say it in words, but they let you know. They are upset about everything. They are probably going to keep that pattern for a while until they get tired of it.

Some will take more persuasion than others. But as you are standing in love, loving them no matter what they do, no matter how they appear, there is a vibration. Now, you have heard it said, and it is very true, that all is energy in this human realm, in this display of life. It is energy. So as you are standing in the place of love energy, it can be felt; it can be measured. You can certainly feel it; you are feeling, “I’m more expansive. I just feel really good today. I love you.”

If you would know love in your life, be it. Yes, give it. It is contagious. You have found this to be true. I have observed ones going through life with the head down. “Nobody loves me. Nobody loved me from the beginning. I don’t know why I’m here.”

Well, you are here to give love. You are here to give humor, to lighten up, to be for other ones the Light that they do not quite see for themselves. You are here to make jokes, to take life lightly, and you do not even have to be the comedian. You just have to enjoy life and enjoy who is in it with you.

So, what is the value of love? In truth, you cannot put a price on it. The value of love has many gifts in it—the gift of healing of the body, of the emotions, even of the soul, the soul which has been troubled. It has the gift of coming Home; not having to struggle and strive, to read all the right books and go to all the right classes; the gift of having arrived, the gift of finding the pearl which is without price, and yet it is all and everything that you have been searching for.

So be it.


» Source » Channel: Judith