The Arcturian and Pleiadian Collectives: Bursts of Energy

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomGreetings! We are the Arcturian Collective here this day with a message for humanity. It is true that we all are ascending up a level in the game of the ascension experience. We are one of your many mentors, forerunners, but you – you! – are having a truly unique experience. Ascending in a body on an ascending planet is a very big deal and a unique one at that. This is one of the many reasons why you are so lovingly observed and valued for your bravery to partake in this experiment. As you continually rise up within these energy fields of advancing codes, more of your own talents and once dormant abilities will be coming online. This is something to be celebrated, not to be feared. In fact, we think it is high time for the whole fear experience to be eliminated. It is time for love, for renewal, for quiet contemplation of such truths and time to press forward with these truths not only tucked deeply within your heart space but guiding your internal compass of truth.

New technologies are in the process of revelation. And as exciting as these may be, we assure you that it is your own advancement that perhaps is the greatest treasure. We treasure our time with you, talking with you, mentoring you. For the leap between dimensions is a sacred journey of inward processing and revelations. Such a journey, intense as it is, does not warrant the isolation that we see many of our light workers are currently experiencing. At night, many of you participate in our council meetings and the camaraderie is fantastic. We all enjoy the interactions and exchanges. Please know that you are not as isolated as you may think and that you are loved much more than you ever thought was possible. We extend our hands in a warm embrace to our favorite ground team that has done what was once thought impossible. We hold you In the highest esteem. We are the Arcturian Collective extending you warm wishes and great love this day.

Hello beloved ground team support for Gaia’s planetary ascension! This is the Pleiadian Collective speaking to you now, this day of profound opportunity of ascension. You may hesitate reading these words but we wish to impart the wisdom and understanding that ascension is microscopically incremental. You are all going up a bit in your vibration daily. With every decision, every thought, you have the power to create upward or vibrationally downward momentum. We are pleased to report more and more of you are choosing the upward flow of vibration and going up a bit more every day. And so with this attitude in mind, is not every day a day for the opportunity of full ascension? For you can live your day riding the waves of these high energy flows with the grace and ease of masters.

You are and will feel more of these lovely bursts of energies. First they may create a bit of havoc on your physical form. But talk to your intelligent machines (your physical body). Are you coaching yourselves through this process? Your bodies are needing more support right now than many of you are giving, although we see this changing as well. More clean water, more exercise, more love, more rest, more nurturing of you, our precious ground team. Nurture you. Take time for you, for your precious physical vessel that is doing you a tremendous service. More love. We see the need for more self love, more bodily love, more nurturing. We see this as an integral part of the ascension process. When you love yourself, it is much much easier to love and truly see the others through the eyes of wisdom and understanding. For we do see now that you are beginning to understand that truly we are all one, truly we are all the creator’s experience. And so this gives us great joy to see our friends expanding into this revelation of understanding. Self care – self love – is the sign of an ascending soul. Joy is as well. We see more of these efforts, these feelings of worth currently expanding within the human collective and within our dear light workers’ thoughts as you all are going through your day. Electronics have been “fritzy,” as you say. It is true. The solar bursts have been intense and your, as you say “laptops” (which are so archaic, you will be delighted with the floating plasma tablets) well, they may glitch out a bit. Your task it so make sure that you hold the light within these major energy influxes, and you yourselves maintain the high vibe energies of masters. Remember ascension is a moment by moment experience. Choose the high vibe, the high joy that accompanies being an out breath of the Mother of All Things. Choose this joy, this peace and we assure you the glitches, the fritzes will not be there for much longer. For a new society is being born and you are an integral part of this birthing process.

We are the Pleiadian Collective. We assure you friends, you are tremendously loved for your willingness to experience all that you are in the midst of experiencing, and of course just for the sweet strong souls that you are. We hold you in the highest of esteem and we honor you. We are the Pleiadian Collective encouraging you to continue with the lightness of spirit that accompanies a soul who knows their journey and who is at peace with it. For you do, and peace is always your choice to make. We are the Pleiadian Collective. We love you. Be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl