The Council: An Underlying Assumption

council of light eraoflightdotcomThere is an underlying assumption to many of your questions. We chose this one simply as an illustration.

“Will it be right to say that God/Divine Source neither helps us nor hinders us in any of our endeavours (to honour our complete free-will) and just stays there existing as an impartial, all-loving, observer consciousness?”

The answer to your question is no, but in order for you to understand why that is, we will use this question to further emphasize something that we have been attempting to help you raise your awareness of.

Re-read the above question and notice, please, that it can only make sense if God/Divine Source is separate from the ‘us’ that you refer to. The channel created a photographic post, we believe you call them memes, that we will ask him to post here.

Here is your problem, or ‘sticking point’, or whatever you wish to call it. If we say “God is in that tree”, you have no problem agreeing with us. If we say, God is in everything”, you will still say that you agree, but your minds, due to long centuries of teachings, will subconsciously insert “except me”.

There are many beliefs that have been pounded into you to insure this. You are said to be sinners. You are born with original sin. Mankind is sinful. Things that ‘lurk’ in the unconscious are evil. Those who are in contact with spirits, who hear voices, etc. are possessed or crazy. It is impossible, or sinful, for you to accept these things. It may even be considered blasphemous or heretical. The list goes on.

And so, in order to protect yourselves, in order to be ‘good’, you do not allow such thoughts, much less the experiences into your lives.

God is not somewhere else and, at the same time, everywhere. God does not love you unconditionally and, at the same time, demand that you obey every jot and tittle or spend forever in perpetual punishment.

Now we can say that, at this time, many of you can intellectually agree to what we are saying. But you need to know that in any battle between your intellect and your subconscious, your intellect will always be overpowered.

Now before you assign yourselves to victimhood once again, let us re-emphasize a couple of things. First, your intellect is not you. It is a part of you. In fact, it is a very small part of the infinite divine being that you are a part of. And, from the standpoint of the incarnate self, the subconscious parts are far, far larger. They contain, for instance, all of your experiences, beliefs, etc. of all of your other incarnations.

Please, please, please begin to retrain yourselves to think in this manner. The awareness that you need to develop is that all you see or can even conceive of is, at its core, energy. All energy, is conscious. All consciousness, when in motion, feels. You are that. You are not Steven, or Daphne, or Makub, or Chan Li. You are “I AM”. Everything else that is part of your consciousness, past or present, is just that, part of your consciousness, an experience.

Please look again at the picture above. Look with your heart. Read this with your heart open. Raising your understanding of self to higher consciousness of who you are is this thing that you call ascension. There is no silver platter upon which this will be delivered to you. But it will be delivered – in the time it takes for you to accept who you are.

Know that you will make it. Know that you are making it. We know this because many of us are you.

Now, as you try to ‘get’ this, we refer you to what your physicists have learned, you cannot resolve a seeming paradox from the same level upon which it exists. When their models don’t fit the formulae, they usually find that the solution becomes apparent when looked at from the next higher ‘dimension’. In this case, do not try to reason out the answers. If that could have been done, someone would have already done it instead of leaving you all of the admonitions that you have inherited.

There is no magical genie waiting inside you to hand you the answers. But from inside you the answers will come. Perhaps in years. Perhaps tomorrow. But never until you search and allow.

We are not telling you anything new. We are not even telling you anything that you cannot understand. We are pointing you at YOU.

Thank you for your efforts, for your questions, and for your persistence. You may not see the progress that you are making, but we do. And we are in joy at what we see.

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